Holi Colors

Holi Colors

Holi, the festival of colors represents the victory of good over and the arrival of spring. Holi also speaks of the fun and flirtatious story of enactment by Deity Krishna with Radha and Gopis. With joy and playful time, this festival also touches on deeper meanings like the passing of the seasons and the fragile nature of the material world.

It is ironic that Holi, which is a festival that celebrates nature in all its hues and finery, and also an act of God, is, unfortunately, today largely celebrated with toxic, unhealthy, and deadly chemicals. Industrial dyes are largely used as Holi colors since they are cheaper and often gaudier. The price they extract however on human health and environmental well-being is tremendous. These chemicals aren't meant for human use, including Holi colors. Synthetic Holi colors contain cheap, toxic substances which affect human health including mica, acids, alkalis, pieces of glass, etc. 

The holi color collection by My Pooja Box comprises handmade organic gulaal that is made with fine quality natural materials like edibles and flowers. To preserve the purity of this festival, My Pooja Box has a collection of certified and tested packs of organic gulaal that is soft on the skin and filled with natural aromas.

5 Reasons to Buy Organic Holi Colors from My Pooja Box - 

1.Skin Friendly 

My Pooja Box offers organic Holi colors/gulal that do not cause any damage to your skin. Chemical-based colors are harmful and can cause rashes, redness & in some cases, infections. Kids celebrating Holi often complain about the effects of the chemicals more than anyone else. On the other hand, holi colors offered by My Pooja Box have been made from naturally occurring substances. Therefore, they do not cause any skin irritations whatsoever.

2.Prevents Hair Damage 

Chemical-based colors not only damage your skin but can also damage your hair and scalp. The chemicals present within eventually seep into hair & scalp that damage to the core. This can result in hair loss & severe dryness. Herbal Gulal on the other hand, does not damage your hair whatsoever.

3.Eye Protection

We’ve all experienced the painful moment of Happily playing Holi until a bit of color is thrown into your eye. Those who have experienced this before knowing the pain & the potential problems that come with it. The chemicals seep into the eyes and can cause severe internal damage. This is not the case with organic colors offered by My Pooja Box as there are no chemicals present.

4.Animal Friendly

Don’t forget about your pets. Applying artificial colors on your pets can be much worse for them than it can be for you. It can cause severe skin irritations & has the potential to cause infections. Organic or herbal gulal by My Pooja Box, on the other hand, is perfectly safe to use on your pets too.

5.Environment Friendly

What happens to the colors once Holi is over? Whatever is left on the walls & ground eventually gets washed away and absorbed by the soil. The chemicals present in artificial colors can lower the level of nutrients present in soil and can subsequently affect the grass, plants, and trees around. Again, no such issues are faced with 100% organic gulals by My Pooja Box.

From a Holi box filled with organic Holi colors to individual herbal colors that you may find fancy, our online store has all this and more so that you don’t need to leave your comfort to finish your Holi shopping.

As we like to say at My Pooja Box, “Rang Barse, Herbal Rang Barse”


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