The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide: 20 Powerful Crystals and Their Healing Properties

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Crystal healing stones are gaining much popularity these days due to its numerous healing properties. But have you ever made use of these crystals ever before? Well, make them a part of your life and draw out any negative energy obstructing the growth of your life. Produced from the womb of the Mother Earth, these crystals tend to emit their magic and an amazing vibration of their unmatched energy.

But it is always good for you to know the importance, benefits, and the purpose of using these crystals before you store them into crystal healing jewellery. Come, let us have a look at the 20 most powerful healing crystals and their healing properties.

Rose Quartz - Stone of Universal Love

This lovely pink stone says all about love, as it is closely related to the Heart Chakra. Purifying the heart and promoting self-love, friendship, love, and inner feelings of peace, this stone dispels negativity. Those who face high BP problems, kidneys, adrenals, vertigo, and chest & lungs issues can also wear this stone.

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Bracelet

Citrine - Money Stone

Since Citrine is closely related to gold, wealth, and money, it is an ideal stone for welcoming prosperity, wealth & stability in your life. In addition, it also helps your brain to function more actively & sharply by strengthening the nerve impulses.

Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet

7 Chakras - The Combination Of 7 Stones

Each of the Chakras of our body are associated with the different stones that carry a specific significance. Beginning from the Root Chakra, it continues with Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third eye Chakra, and ends with Crown Chakra. The combination of the 7 stones activates, amplifies, and balances the energies of all the Chakras.

7 Chakra Energy Generator

Green Jade - Dream Stone

Closely related to the heart, Jade helps in filtering out toxins & blood. Those who suffer joint pain post-surgery can experience express healing. Found in multi-colors, this stone helps you to accept the truth & express love.

Lapis Lazuli - The Stone of Truth

This powerful stone helps to heal your throat, vocal cords, & larynx as is it mainly related to the Throat Chakra. Letting you wash off the unnecessary thoughts, this stone also assists you to make a fair judgment.

Amethyst - The Stone of Manifestation

Showcasing a rich purple color, this stone has a direct connection to your heart & its desires. As this stone is associated with the upper chakras of the body, it helps you to boost the nervous system, ease neck tension, balance hormones, & treat insomnia.

Amethyst Crystal Healing Bracelet

Amazonite - Stone of Courage

Specifically used to clear acne, prevent infections, soothe rashes, Amazonite helps in balancing & cleansing the Chakras. It is also very much helpful in balancing and enlightening the intuition & the intellect.

Black Onyx - Protection Stone

This strength-giving stone best for meditation & dreaming supports you with the issues of self-discipline. Encouraging good fortune & happiness, this stone also helps in healing the past life wounds or issues. It absorbs the negative energy and gives your mind & thoughts a great strength & stamina.

Green Aventurine - Stone of Opportunity

This variety of quartz attracts good luck, abundance & invites prosperity. Assisting in speedy recovery from an injury or surgery, Aventurine brings a balance in the physical & emotional bodies.


Green aventurine ganesha showpiece

Opalite - The All-round Healing Stone

Great for Third Eye Chakra, Opalite is for those who meditate. Clearing the blockages or the Chakras and the meridians, this stone is extremely energetic. Aiding you in the business, Opalite offers you the emotional strength so as to speak-up the hidden feelings.


opalite crystal


Carnelian - Stabilizing Stone

This is the 17th-century Anniversary gemstone is best when it comes to calming the anger & emotional negativity with love. Boosting fertility and stimulating sexuality, this stone treats rheumatism, lower back problems, depression & neuralgia. It also contributes to a good blood supply to organs and tissues.


carnelian crystal


Red Jasper - The Stone of Supreme Nurturer

Being an extremely protective stone, it not only gives you the strength but also detoxifies your liver, blood, and circulatory system. It absorbs the negative energy and helps you to be stronger even in the toughest times. Promoting organizational skills, it also re-energies the body and prolongs sexual pleasure.

Red Jasper Crystal and Stone Pendant

Sunstone - Stone of Luck and Good Fortune

Available in various colors, Sunstone is a variety of Feldspar that stimulates the self-healing powers. Encouraging self-confidence, self-worth, enthusiasm, and optimism, this stone also plays a great role in energizing & clearing all the chakras. Associated with the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, this stone helps in treating sore throats, ulcers, & stomach tension.


sunstone crystal for healing


Rainbow Moonstone- The Stabilizer

If you are combating any menstrual or digestive problem, then you can go for the Moonstone as it is used to aid the hormonal issues, obesity, water retention, and the pituitary gland. Mostly associated with the feminine & the Moon, this sacred stone of Gods & Goddess helps one to overcome ego & materialism.

Rainbow moonstone

Clear Quartz - Master Healing Stone

Associated with the Crown Chakra, Clear Quartz is an amplifier of thoughts and energy, that draws off the negative energy. Balancing & revitalizing your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional factors, this crystal also improves your concentration, grasping power & memory.

clear quartz crystal

Black Obsidian - The Mirror Stone

Enhancing your spiritual qualities, this jet-black Obsidian stone relieves you from stress, & emotional trauma, helping you to reveal your soul. The main purpose of this stone is to make you understand your weaknesses, gain knowledge & wisdom.


black obsidian crystal


Tiger’s Eye - Stone Of Self-discipline & Protection

Treating the reproductive organs, eyes, throat & repairing broken bones, this stone helps in alleviating pain and aligns the spinal column. Highly beneficial in career, Tiger’s Eye promotes the clarity of the thoughts in mind, helps to get rid of fear, self-doubt, and anxiety.

Tiger Eye - Crystal Bracelets

Angelite - Stone Of Heightened Awareness

Activating and aligning the third eye chakra, throat chakra, and the crown chakra, this naturally calming crystal helps you to alleviate unique physical abilities and overwhelming emotions. Stimulating healing, and facilitating the rebirthing process, this crystal balances the thyroid and the parathyroids.

angelite crystal

Blue Lace Agate - Soothing And Nurturing Stone

This variety of Chalcedony possesses the characteristics of Agate, hence it is very cooling and calming stone. Blue Lace Agate is a powerful throat healer that treats thyroid deficiencies, throat, and lymph infections. Along with soothing the red eyes or sore eyes, this stone also treats skin problems like irritation or redness.


blue lace agate crystal


Cherry Quartz - The Stone of Emotional Wounds

Great for Heart Chakra, Cherry Quartz helps those students to concentrate on who are about to attend exams. Wearing this crystal helps you with getting rid of cold, burns, infections, physical exhaustion, relief from anxiety, and sexual problems.


cherry quartz crystal for healing



1. Can I wear multiple crystals at once?

Crystals basically work with the energy centers of the body, helping you to heal your mind, body & spirit. But when it comes to wearing multiple stones at once, there is no specific rule. Hence, if you want to wear multiple crystals, then you can mix them depending on the color, element, intention, or the structure of the crystal.

All you need to take care of is, wearing multiple crystal healing stones can tend to offer you more energy than you need. It is the golden rule to prohibit wearing more than three crystals at once as they lead to “Crystal Chaos”.

2. Does my zodiac sign have anything to do with the crystal I choose?

Yes, depending on your Zodiac sign, every crystal healing stone showers its positive effects on you and lends the healing power to help achieve our goals. Here is a chart briefing you about the ideal crystal based on the Zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign Crystal Purpose
Aries Carnelian Confidence
Taurus Jade Abundance & Prosperity
Gemini Moonstone Discover Destiny
Cancer Ocean Jasper Self-Priority
Leo Tiger’s Eye Gives Confidence
Virgo Red Jasper Motivates
Libra Turquoise Fills With Energy
Scorpio Malachite Love & Connect
Sagittarius Citrine Lights-up Positivity
Capricorn Garnet Fills with Passion
Aquarius Amethyst Connects to your Intuition
Pisces Sodalite Encourages


3. How do I charge my crystal?

The crystal healing pendants or jewelry you carry does not possess unlimited energy & weaken over time. Hence, it is very necessary for you to charge-up these crystals to last its positive effect in your life. There are many different ways of charging the crystals, out of which simply rinsing the crystal healing stones in the water, facing the South direction in the Sun, charges the crystals.

You can also charge the crystal under the direct light of the full moon or smudge the crystal healing jewellery with sweetgrass, incense, & even sage or charge it with another crystal.

4. My crystal is not working as I’d like. What can I do?

The ill-functioning of the crystal is basically caused by 3 main reasons;

Improper Cleansing: Rinse the crystals especially the crystal healing bracelets under running water, or energize them under the moon or sunlight.

Choosing the crystal for wrong purposes: At times many people get them for love or money or what that attracts them which makes the crystal healing jewellery not work properly.

Expecting too many benefits: If you expect the crystals to give you instant results, they may seem to lose their charge. It is very important for you to play your part to achieve what you want.

To finish off, these Healing crystals look pretty, they do harness the power of Sun, Moon & Earth, and have a direct effect on our mental, physical, emotional, and subtle bodies. So, honor the precious gifts from our Mother Earth.

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