15 Latest Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2023

Latest Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Diwali feels are already in the air with all the lit lights across the streets and buildings around. There are stalls everywhere in the market. Streets are decorated with beautiful Diyas and decorative lights. In residential areas, it's a pleasure to see all the balconies with different lights arranged in various designs and patterns. The complete society looks like a beautiful bride. People make beautiful Rangolis on Diwali to brighten up their entrance, as it is believed that making Rangoli outside the main entrance or pooja room signifies the welcoming of Goddess Lakshmi and guests inside the house. This tradition has been going on for centuries now.

Handmade Rangoli designs for Diwali is one of the most exciting parts of this festival, especially in India. It is said that the beautiful designs of Rangoli add to the beautiful look of your entrance whether outside the main door or inside the house. Hindus create Rangoli designs primarily during the festival of Diwali with colors or flower petals.

Few latest Rangoli designs ideas are as follows:

1. Simple Rangoli Design

This easy Rangoli design for Diwali is the easiest. Not much effort is needed, only made with simple colors and with not much elaborate designs. In this, colors play a very important role as the contrasting colors are giving it an appealing look.

Simple Rangoli Design

2. Rangoli Design With Flowers

In the shape of a flower, this Rangoli is also made with natural flowers. Rangoli with flowers is easy to make for the beginners making it for the first time. It gives a natural look while keeping a fresh atmosphere as well.

Rangoli Design With Flowers


3. Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock designed Rangoli never fails to surprise you with a new look every time enhancing your entrance beauty with vibrant colors.

Peacock Rangoli Design

4. Swastik Rangoli Design

Swastik is made on every religious Hindu festival in India. It is most popular in Diwali as it symbolizes the welcoming of your guests in the house. This Rangoli design is completely traditional and makes it even more vibrant with the contrasting colors used.

Swastik Rangoli Design

5. Geometric Rangoli Designs

Geometric Rangoli designs consist of concentric circles, rectangles, triangles and all the other shapes you can think of. If you want to be different amongst all your other friends and family with the same traditional Rangoli designs you should definitely make a geometric design this year.

Geometric Rangoli Designs

6. 3D Rangoli Designs

In 3D Rangoli designs, a shading effect with a contrasting color or light and dark shade of the same color is used to give it a 3D visual effect. It enhances the complete look of the Rangoli.

3D Rangoli Designs

7. Latest Traditional Designs Of Rangoli

If you’re fond of making traditional designs, go lookout for the latest traditional designs with innovations to increase the regular aesthetic appeal of Rangoli.

Latest Traditional Designs Of Rangoli

8. Rangoli With Rice, Pulses And Other Grains

This rangoli is made with rice, pulses and other grains. You can also soak some grains in colored water overnight to increase the color palette.

Rangoli With Rice, Pulses And Other Grains

9. Corner Rangoli Designs

If you do not have a broad area to create a complete Rangoli to give a beautiful look to your entrance, don't worry! These corner design Rangoli are your savior.

Corner Rangoli Designs

10. Ganesh Rangoli Art

Lord Ganesha is worshipped on Diwali, you can either make a complete Rangoli with Ganesh or else, use his face as a part of your designing in the Rangoli.

Ganesh Rangoli Art

11. Rangoli Designs With Diyas

Diyas are always your go-to, to make anything look prettier than it already is. With their beam of light and flare, any Rangoli design that you make will not look its best until diyas are placed with them.

Rangoli Designs With Diyas

12. Border Rangoli Designs:

Let's make a little change this year. Instead of putting Rangoli in the center or put it at the side of your floor entrance. Border Rangolis not only enhance the beauty of your entrance but also your complete floor with colourful organic colors or even flowers.

Border Rangoli Designs


13. Rangoli Designs With Themes

Try thinking out of the box this year and make any themed Rangoli at your doorstep. This image below gives a highlighting welcome for your guests.

Rangoli Designs With Themes

14. Round Rangoli Design

Circles can never go wrong. Concentric or non-concentric, colorful rangolis in circles and a flower in the center are basic in rangoli designs.

Round Rangoli Design

15. Lotus Rangoli Design

Lotus is one of the prettiest flowers. The flower looks beautiful when designed on the floor with its natural beauty of colors and additional creativity that you can add to it.

Lotus Rangoli Design

Rangolis are not only an important tradition but also are fun to make when done along with friends or family. Use your creativity to its best this year!

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