Ganesh Idols

Ganesh Idols

Buy Ganesha Idols for Home Décor and Car Dashboard Decoration Online

Lord Ganesh idols have been a huge part of religious and home décor culture in India ever since they were first made. It started off as a spiritual movement with people believing that placing Ganpati idols at home is an auspicious practice that will help you in the future. While this belief is still widely present in India, a lot of people have recently started buying silver Ganesh idols for home décor as well.

As manufacturing of high-quality Ganesh murti progressed, people saw the sheer beauty of these pieces even without their religious sentiments and beliefs. Slowly, Ganesha idols became one of the most popular house warming gifts as they were not only attractive to look at but possessed high levels of positive spiritual influence.

Keeping all of this in mind, we at My Pooja Box, curated a fine collection of only the highest quality Ganesha idols that have been made from an array of durable and plush materials. For your reference, we’ve broken down our collection into the following categories.

Marble Ganesha

Our collection of marble Ganpati idols online consists of the highest quality bal Ganesh murti that have been made using marble and marble dust. Marble Ganpati murtis are considered to be some of the most auspicious in the world and there is no way these idols would be left out of our collection.

Big Brass Ganesh Idols For Home

Like every other religious idol in India, Ganesh Statue are also made using brass. These brass Ganesh idols are famously used for home entrances all across India. These Ganesh murtis are perfect for home entrances not only because of the royal look and finish they carry, but the beliefs that state bringing a Ganpati idol for the entrance of your home will bless your house with prosperity and wealth.

Glass Ganpati

Our collection of glass Ganesh Ji ki murti has been curated to provide our customers with the best Ganesh statue for gifting during Ganesh Chaturthi or even for someone’s house warming party. The Ganesh statue within this selection are all worth less than Rs 600, making them the perfect Ganesh Statue to be used as gifts. Plus, the small idol sizes make it possible for the receiver of your gift to place the God idols easily within their home without having to worry about making space for your present.

Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idols Online

Easily one of the hardest Ganpati murti to find both online and off it. These idols are made using 100% organic materials that are biodegradable in nature. This ensures these idols can be worshipped and given back to mother earth. Not only is this eco-friendly, it’s the best way to engrave Lord Ganesha’s presence in and around your property.

So, whether you’re looking for a Laxmi Ganesh murtis online, large Ganesh idol for your main door or a silver Ganesh idol for gifting, you can find all the variety of idols you want, right here at My Pooja Box. So, get browsing and bring home big Ganesh idols for Ganesh Chaturthi, home décor and festive gifting.

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