The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Ganesh Idols for Home Décor

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Homes all over the Indian subcontinent will have god idols placed inside either as décor or in the hope that the idols will bring them good fortune. From these idols of god, one is sure to be there in almost every home. That is, the idol of Lord Ganesh.

Said to bring in fame, success & overall prosperity, Lord Ganesha idols for home décor have always been one of the best sellers in the traditional Indian market space. What people don’t know, is that proper care needs to be taken while placing these religious idols at home. This includes that of Lord Ganesha. So, let’s do a quick run through of the do’s & don’ts of Lord Ganesh statues & their placement in one’s home.

1. The Material – Yes, the material used to craft the Ganesh idols for home is a huge part of where one should or rather can place the deity. Different materials of Ganesh statues bring different energies that in turn have different effects overall. So, to make life simple, I’ve listed the most common materials used and the rules that follow

•  Brass – This specific material that’s used to make Ganesh idols for home is said to bring joy & prosperity to those who house them. However, this is only the case if the Idols are placed facing either the south, west or east. Northwest & Northeast are said to be counter productive to the powers of this idol.


brass ganesha idol

•  Silver – Silver Ganesh Idols that one can find either online or at local stores are said to bring fame. However, just like with any unique material, these silver Ganesh idols need to be placed facing either northwest, west or southeast. Placing silver Ganesh idols in these directions is said to increase the powers of the idol.


silver ganesha idol for gift

• Copper – Copper Ganesh statues are said to be perfect additions into one’s home if they are looking to start a family. Copper idols have the power to aid in the quick & healthy arrival of a child into a family that has struggled with the same previously. It’s important to note that these idols can only be placed in either the east or south. Southwest & northwest facing positions should be avoided at all costs.

Copper Ganesh statues

•  Wood – Associated to health & success, wooden Ganesh idols are best placed facing north, northeast or east. These wooden idols are said to enhance the powers of Ganesh that aid in your overall health & success. However, this will not be the case if these idols are placed facing southeast.

•  Clay – Best placed facing southwest, Ganesh idols made of clay are said to help an individual remove obstacles from life or give them the power to do so themselves. North & West directions are best to be avoided.


handmade clay made ganesha idol with flute

2. Trunk Direction – This is something even the older generation seems to miss. If you take a look at any Ganesh idol online or at home, you will find that at least 95% of them, have lord Ganesha’s trunk facing left not right. However, if you look at statues of Ganesh in temples, his trunk might be facing right. This is because idols with trunks facing right require powerful prayers that are said to bring in energies too strong for one’s home. So, do make sure your Ganesh idols have trunks facing left, not right.

eco friendly ganesha idol

3. Greet Your Guests – It’s not uncommon to find large Ganesh idols placed at the entrance of one’s home or even hotels & resorts. This is ofcourse a result of the powers of Ganesh to bring prosperity into the lives of his devotees. However, while placing Ganesh idols at the entrance, do note that the back of the idol should not be facing any room. This is said to reduce or eliminate the powers of the idol. If you do happen to have room with the idols back to it, place two idols back to back instead of one. You would have probably seen this style of placing lord Ganesh statues before and now you know why!

brass ganesha hanging with bell for doors

4. Everyone Likes Their Space – No one likes rubbing shoulders with someone else, be it in public walk ways or public transport. This includes the Lord himself. So, if you have a cabinet or a collection of idols arranged close to one another. It’s best if there is a gap of at least an inch between all idols. Cramped placement is said to reduce the powers of the idols.

Hopefully, next time you buy a Ganesh Idol online or at a shop, you will know the do’s & Don’ts that come with. Remember, most Ganesh idols for sale in India don’t come with do’s & don’ts, so it’s important you know!


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Hi Amal! It really depends on the composition of the alloy. If it is mainly copper, your placement is absolutely fine!

Plastic isn’t always the most attractive material. However, it can be… so if your Ganesha Idol looks good where it’s been placed, you need not think twice.

Hope this helps!

My Pooja Box

Hi, greetings! I have a Ganesha made of alloy metal, with a copper Color. Placed on the northeast direction of the Hall room. Pls could you comment on the same, whether is correctly placed. Also I have a 2 ft size Ganesha made of Plastic, is this advisable for a Home decor

Amal Ghosh

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