Holi is easily one of the most famous festivals in India and has slowly gained popularity all around the world. However, with the growing popularity of Holi, the demand for “gulals” or “rang” has sky rocketed. In order to meet this demand manufacturers have started using chemically derived colors that can not only damage your skin but also effect the environment around as they eventually seep into the soil.

Luckily, with more and more attention growing around these issues, people have started to realize the need for organic Holi colors. Which brings us to the My Pooja Box herbal rang collection. We are proud to introduce our 100% natural colours for Holi that you can buy right here on My Pooja Box. This collection consists of the most vibrant colors you can find for Holi and yes, they are a 100% herbal. From a Holi box filled with organic holi colours, to individual herbal colors that you may fancy, our online store has all this and more so that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your bed to finish your Holi shopping.

As we like to say at My Pooja Box, “Rang Barse, Herbal Rang Barse”

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