Why You Should Buy Organic Holi Colours In 2024

why should buy organic colours?

Holi is probably one of, if not the most anticipated festivals of the year. This anticipation isn’t just restricted to India but is felt all around the world. This festival is commonly referred to as “The Festival Of Colours” as a result of how its celebrated. Friends & family gather together to pray, eat, drink but most importantly, pelt each other with water balloons, pichkari’s & colors.

In the past, the people of India would always come up with tips & tricks to keep your skin & hair safe during Holi. However, this was ignorance on our part. Instead of finding safer colors to use, we decided damage control was a better strategy. Luckily, as time has gone on, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of using organic Holi colours instead of colors that have been made using extremely harmful chemicals.

So, what are organic colours?

what are organic colours?

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Organic Holi Colors can be found online and have been made using naturally occurring raw materials that are edible in nature. Different types of edible grade ingredients are used to make different colors. For example, the color red can be made organically using maize & rose flower petals. These Holi colors are not only safe for your skin & hair but also cause no harm to the environment after they get washed into the soil.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy organic Holi colors in 2024

1. Skin Friendly – These organic Holi colours/gulal do not cause any damage to your skin. Chemical based colors are notorious for causing rashes, redness & in some cases, infections. Kids celebrating this festival feel the effects of the chemicals more than anyone else. Their organic counter parts however, have been made from naturally occurring substances. Therefore, they do not cause any skin irritations whatsoever.

Product By Antarkranti – Herbal Tusli Pudina Gulaal – Made By Prisoners

Product By Antarkranti – Herbal Tusli Pudina Gulaal – Made By Prisoners

2. Prevents Hair Damage – Chemical based colors not only damage your skin but can also damage your hair and scalp. The chemicals present within eventually seep into your hair & scalp and damage the core. This can result is hair loss & severe dryness. Herbal Gulal on the other hand, does not damage your hair whatsoever.

3. Eye Protection – We’ve all been there…. Happily playing Holi right until the very moment a bit of color is thrown into your eye. Those who have experienced this before know the pain & the potential problems that come with. The chemicals seep into your eyes and can cause severe internal damage. This is not the case with organic colors as there are no chemicals present.

Why should we play Holi with natural Colours?

4. Animal Friendly – Don’t forget about your pets. Applying artificial colors on your pets can be much worse for them than it can be for you. It can cause severe skin irritations & has the potential to cause infections. Organic or herbal gulal on the other hand, is perfectly safe to use on your pets too.

5. Environment Friendly – What happens to the colors once Holi is over? Whatever is left on the walls & ground eventually gets washed away and absorbed by the soil. The chemicals present in artificial colors can lower the level of nutrients present in soil and can subsequently affect the grass, plants and trees around. Again, no such issues are faced with 100% organic gulals.

Now that you know what you know, please buy organic Holi colours online instead of the chemical based artificial colors that you can find in your local market. You will not only be helping yourself & the ones you play with but also the environment.

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