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Maa Saraswati statues are definitely a must have for any Indian household within the country. Known most famously as the goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning. Saraswathi is easily one of the most famously worshipped gods in Hinduism. These Maa Saraswathi statues are prayed to on a daily basis in the hope that Maa Saraswathis blessings will find their way to their kids.

With Saraswathi’s auspicious nature and blessings, there is no way My Pooja Box was missing out on these wonderful idols. Which is why our collection of Saraswathi idols online has been curated with sheer quality, functionality and practicality in mind. So that you and your family can feel the holy presence of Maa Saraswathi statues in the most stunning manner possible.

Our online collection of Maa Saraswathi idols range from classic pieces made using high quality marble to ivory finish Saraswathi idols that can double as home décor thanks to their stunning appearance. If that’s not enough, we even have a curation of Saraswathi décor items such as 24Kt gold foil photo frames and coins.

That’s not even the best part. Just like our other collections, you can buy a very special pooja samagri box, except this is a 24KT gold foil pooja box that comes with authentic depictions of not just Saraswathi, but lord Ganesh and Lakshmi Maa. This is the most glamorous and authentic way to seek Maa Saraswathi’s blessings for you and your family.

So, browse away and find exactly what suits your home the best. The best Saraswathi idols online are only a click away.

Shop Luxury Maa Saraswati Murti Or Saraswati idol online

Maa Saraswati is the goddess of music, art, speech, and learning. She personifies wisdom, knowledge, and purity. Goddess Saraswati is an integral part of any Indian household. Praying to this powerful goddess grants the household insight, knowledge, wealth, health, and an overall good fortune.

Maa Saraswati murti can be considered a wonderful, spiritual home décor gift. The designs and collections when it comes to buying Goddess Saraswati idols online in India are numerous. Here, we have listed a few Saraswati statue for your home. Divine Saraswati Idol for home

1. Divine Laxmi Ganesha Saraswati Idols

A perfect gift combo of three powerful Gods and Goddesses- Laxmi, Saraswati, and Ganesha. The stunning idols are made from polyresin and come with a navy blue-grey and golden finish. The matt finish gives it a very unique look separating it from the other traditional idols in the market. This feature also helps to highlight the detailed engravings in the gold finish. This is a beautiful and divine set of idols that can bring light into your puja room.

2. Brass Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Statue

Another set of 3 God and Goddesses, i.e., Laxmi, Saraswati, and Ganesha but unlike the previous one, this one is different in design and material. This idol uses good quality antique brass for its making. These miniature figures are a must for your puja room. They are affordable and bring about a divine atmosphere into your household. Health, happiness, prosperity, wealth, and good fortune are sure to come your way.

3. 24K Gold Foil Saraswati Coin

Saraswati, the goddess of wealth is affixed into this metal gold coin. The coin is made from a pure 24K compressed gold bar. For strength, a silicon base is permanently infused into the thin gold foil. This ensures that it is more durable and long-lasting. Even though this isn’t a typical form of an idol, it is still a rare collection of Goddess Saraswati.

4. Vintage Handcrafted Palm Leaf Shri Ashta Laxmi Stotram Scroll

Like the former, this is not a typical model of the powerful Goddess. Ashta Laxmi Stotram at home or workplace is considered to be very auspicious as it brings in wealth, prosperity, and goodness into the place. Reciting the mantras on the scroll is not only believed to bring in good fortune but also considered to calm your mind and soul. It is a form of spiritual cleansing. This antique scroll is handcrafted out of palm leaves and is written in Sanskrit.

5. Antique Brass 3 Bells Saraswati Figurine

This unique, and divine figurine is designed in a tier of three bells with the Goddess Saraswati engraved into the centrepiece. Apart from its aesthetic beauty, it is a means of worshipping the goddess to bring in wealth, health, and happiness into the family. This exquisitely crafted piece of home décor looks as holy as the Goddess. It is known to bring material prosperity and spiritual enlightenment into one’s home. Check My Pooja Box for a wide collection of Saraswati murti online at best prices.

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