75th Birthday Gifts

75th Birthday Gifts

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Find the Best 75th Birthday Gifts to Surprise your Loved Ones

It’s not an easy task to find the perfect 75th birthday gift. At this age, most people already have everything they need. Worry not and check out the list of amazing 75th birthday gifts available at My Pooja Box that will bring happiness and smile to the faces of your loved ones.

24K Gold Foil Gods Idols – Be it gold foil Ganesha idol or Kamdhenu statue, you can choose to gift any of the religious gifts available here. These gifts are considered auspicious and help enhance the flow of positive energy inside the house. It can be kept as a décor item in the living room or worshipped as an idol by keeping in the Pooja room. The 24K gold foil provides a layer of protection to the idol making it long-lasting and durable.

Hanuman Chalisa - Handcrafted Palmwood Hanuman Chalisa Scroll also makes for an amazing 75th Birthday gift as it looks vintage and can be an amazing addition to the religious books. The one available at My Pooja Box has been written with natural ink on palm leaves that gives it an authentic and super luxurious look. Guru Gita Gift Box is another great example for people who are religious but also like to indulge in luxurious designs and ideas. It comes in a wooden gift box with a Guru Gita Book, liquid perfume, metal bookmarker, mini sloka book, a copper udarni, pack of handmade incense sticks and sacred Ganga water. Both these options come under the category of something out of the box that looks appropriate and amazing.

Scented Candles – Turn any living space into an aromatic wonder with the help of scented candles. Whether you light them or not, the mild yet captivating fragrance will keep your mind fresh and happy. They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space and hence can be gifted as the perfect 75th birthday gift to your loved ones. They have a stunning look and are an amazing addition to your loved ones' homes.

Incense Aroma Box – Fragrance is an integral part of our lives, be it in the form of candles, Incense sticks or Agarbatti. Majorly used in pooja ceremonies, these fragrance essentials act as an amazing and suitable gift for any occasion. At My Pooja Box, you get access to an exquisite collection of incense aroma box. One of a kind box comes packed with incense sticks, candles, holder, and potpourri. Order this auspicious and super useful gift right away.

When it comes to gifting unique things, you will never run out of options. Rudraksha Fumer is another amazing example of a great 75th birthday gift. Use it as a pooja essential or as home décor, it serves both purposes effortlessly and needless to say looks lavish as well.

Unique Crockery Sets – Ceramic crockery serves a great purpose as 75th birthday gift and you can get these adorable sets easily from My Pooja Box. For example, a rectangular butter dish that has a captivating design will make for a good present as well as a home décor piece too. The serving tray, on the other hand, comes printed with various royal patterns and give a modern look to a contemporary gift item. They can be used for serving your favorite dishes to the guests and can be kept as a décor item on your dining table. The different patterns give them an exquisite look and hence can be considered as a great gift.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp – Himalayan pink salt has numerous health benefits. It improves breathing, reduces allergies, induces calmness, lessens stress, improves the ability to concentrate on work for longer periods, improves skin's health, makes it easier to get sleep and enhances an overall sense of health and well being. Due to many benefits, gifting a Himalayan Salt lamp is perfect. Shop for it at MyPoojaBox.

Antique Gifts – Some people are hoarders of antique items and to quench their thirst, My Pooja Box has numerous options like Ganesha Lock, Gold foil Golden Temple coin, etc. which acts as collectibles for them and they can cherish it for years to come. It can be a memorable gift from you to your loved ones.

Attar or Perfume Oil – Make their attar collection an awesome one by gifting them a premium looking attar bottle. Choose their favorite fragrance and make it a fragrant gift set by adding a candle or potpourri set. The exquisite bottle looks great sitting on a dressing table and the concentrated formula makes them fragrant for the entire day.

The Best 75th Gift is just a click away

75th birthday is surely an amazing occasion and deserves a grand celebration. Choose the best gifts online at MyPoojaBox and surprise your loved ones. Even if you live far away from them, you can get the gifts delivered to their address and remind them of your love. Planning a surprise party is another way to turn the celebrations into something memorable. Invite your close friends and relatives, get their favorite food made, do a cake ceremony and organize a dance performance. All these elements have their own charm that adds a shining star to any occasion.

Shop the best 75th birthday gifts now and make your loved ones happy!

Gifting is a tradition that is practiced for a long time. However, choosing the right gift for 75th birthday can be challenging isn’t it? But Do not worry, My Pooja Box has you covered.

My Pooja Box is a one-stop destination for all types of decor items, personal accessories, pooja samgri, and gifts that are perfect for all occasions.

Here are some of the best gifts you can pick;

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Bracelet

Rose quartz is a natural stone with some amazing healing properties. This is a stone of universal love. It has some amazing properties such as it restores trust and harmony in your relationships, and encourages unconditional love.

You will also find similar bracelets made from other healing stones such as amethyst, green Aventurine, etc.

Healing Crystals Pendants

Pendants are always the best gifts you can give on birthdays. We offer a wide range of healing crystals pendants made of rose quartz, clear quartz, etc.

Crystal Tumble Stones

We offer different sets of tumble stones made of one or more kinds of healing crystals at affordable prices.

You can also pick gift cards, scented candles, Himalayan Pink salt lamps, etc.

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