Types Of Healing Crystals - Guide

Types Of Healing Crystals - Guide

Healing crystals are some of the most sought-after natural healing remedies in the 21st century. This demand for natural healing crystals is nothing new either. People have been using different types of healing crystals for centuries. These crystals have recently found their way back into the limelight. Some because of their natural beauty, others because of their history and supposed healing powers. These healing crystals can be found in large variety and each unique crystal has its own distinct benefits. For your reference, we’re listing the most famous types of healing crystals down below as a healing crystal guide that can help you choose what crystal/gemstone you need.

Note: In crystal healing, “Intention” refers to what you want to improve in life. It’s important to have clear intentions as these intentions are formed as thoughts and it is these thoughts that channel vibrational energy to and from the healing stones. If your intention for using the healing stone is unclear, you will not be subject to the crystals healing properties.

Types Of Healing Crystals – Guide To The Most Popular Crystals –

1. Amethyst Crystals – Healing Stones

Amethyst Crystals – Healing Stones

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Known as the master healer, this stone can be seen in a stunning pinkish purple hue that is eye catching to say the least. Its mineral composition comprises of Silicon Dioxide and is known to target the crown and third eye chakra. Its benefits have been listed below for your reference

• Protects against negative energies

• Helps fight insomnia and reduce the frequency of nightmares

• Helps meditate as it reduces stress, anxiety, anger and depression

• Useful for de addiction

• Can activate your third eye

• Improves concentration

• Strengthens immunity and speeds up your metabolism

• Brings success to those fighting court cases

2. Rose Quartz Crystal – Healing Stones

Rose Quartz Crystal – Healing Stones

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Best known as the stone of love, the rose quartz crystal unsurprisingly sports a pinkish hue and consists mainly of a mixture of silicon dioxide and iron. It targets the heart chakra, something you probably already guessed. The benefits of this wonderful crystal have been listed below –

• Helps build relationships by ensuring the love shared is unconditional

• Encourages forgiveness and as a result helps one get over heart break and jealousy

• Builds self esteem & belief in one’s own ability

• Known to calm and soothe intense emotions being felt

3. Amazonite Crystal – Healing Stones

Amazonite Crystal – Healing Stones

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Commonly referred to as the stone of courage and truth, this gemstone can be seen in shades of green, ranging from light to dark with subtle white patterns within. The mineral within is feldspar and the stone is known to target not 1 but 3 chakras! Namely, thymus, heart and throat chakra. The benefits of this have been listed below –

• Helps individuals develop courage

• Can help overcome emotional stress

• Has the ability to enhance one’s creativity

• Good for your heart and nervous system health

• Attracts good luck, propensity and abundance in life

• It can make your wishes come true

• Builds trust and has the ability to attract new opportunities

4. Red Jasper – Healing Stones

Red Jasper – Healing Stones

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Comprising mainly of silicon dioxide and iron oxide, this stone carries a red hue that could be dull or bright depending on where the stone was recovered from. The stone specifically targets the root chakra and the benefits of that have been listed below –

• Helps individuals stay grounded in life

• Offers stability

• Helps enhance the functioning of the male reproductive organ

• Boosts stamina and can improve one’s sex life

• Attracts prosperity and abundance

5. Clear Quartz Crystals – Healing Stones

Clear Quartz Crystals – Healing Stones

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Best known as “The Universal Crystal” for its ability to target all your spiritual chakras. The mineral composition within is that of silicon dioxide. This stone has a multitude of health benefits that have been stated below:

• It enhances the health benefits and healing properties of other stones

• Is used for protection and can strengthen your aura

• It offers spiritual guidance to lost souls

• Used in gemstone grids to channelize a continuous flow of energy

• Offers protection and positive energy when kept in your home

• Helps strengthen the immune system

6. Lepidolite– Healing Stones

Lepidolite– Healing Stones

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Referred to as the stone of rebirth, the lepidolite crystal carries a vibrant purple hue. It consists of silicates alone and is known to able to target all Chakras. The benefits of Lepidolite healing stones have been mentioned below:

• It contains a mineral used in antidepressant medicines. As a result, it works as a natural antidepressant.

• Helps you find a deep meditative state of mind

• Helps release blocked and built up emotions

• It can help you beat insomnia and as a result, sleep better.

• It helps students concentrate while studying

7. Green Jade – Healing Stones

Green Jade – Healing Stones


This style of healing stone, as the name suggests can be seen sporting a vibrant green hue. It is commonly referred to as the stone of heaven and targets the heart Chakra. It consists of silicon dioxide and mica. The health benefits of this type of healing crystal have been listed below –

• It has the ability to strengthen your immune system

• It helps bring emotional stability to your life and alleviates stress

• As it strengthens the immune system, it helps bring down fever and inflammation

• Brings good luck, wealth and prosperity. Which is why it’s a favourite amongst gamblers

• Offers protection from electromagnetic smog

8. Citrine – Healing Crystal

Citrine – Healing Crystal

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This unique gemstone usually comes with a bright shade of yellow with tiny white patterns within. It is commonly referred to as the “stone of wealth”. The minerals found within this crystal are in the form of Silicon Dioxide and this crystal is known to target all Chakras. Health benefits of this stone have been listed below:

• Helps release blocked emotions and gets rid of anxiety

• It can strengthen your will power

• Helps fight against depression

• Some say, it can attract wealth and easy money as a result, it’s highly recommended for businessmen and women.

• It’s a one of the best stones for working on your solar plexus chakra & all types of digestive problems

9. Carnelian – Healing Crystal

Carnelian – Healing Crystal

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Carnelian gemstones are most commonly found in a dullish orange but can also be found with bright orange hues. Its mineral composition comprises solely of silicon dioxide. It is known to be able to act on the sacral chakra. The benefits of having this stone around have been listed below.

• It is considered the best healing stone for women suffering from severe menstrual cramps and infertility.

• It amplifies the flow of life force energy and offers vitality

• Offers courage, confidence and decisiveness

• Can bring about success in your professional and private life

• It has the ability to help victims overcome the pain of abuse faced in the past

• Helps with bone problems, bladder issues, arthritis and pain in the pancreas

10. Tiger Eye – Healing Stone

Tiger Eye – Healing Stone

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Known as the stone of courage, the tiger eye stone features an exquisite hue of yellow accented by random black patterns. Its mineral composition is made up of Silicates. It has the power to align your third eye and solar plexus chakra. The health benefits of this type of healing crystal have been listed below -

• Encourages individuals to chase their passion

• It increases the will power and hunger for success

• Can offer protection from black magic

• It empowers individuals and helps them rid their mind of fear

• Good for building self esteem

11. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

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Commonly referred to as the stone of knowledge and wisdom, the Lapis Lazuli healing crystals comes in a dark hue of blue and have a mineral composition of sodium calcium and aluminium silicate. It is believed to be able to target the throat chakra. The benefits have been listed below –

• As it targets the throat chakra, it can balance thyroid and heal throat issues

• It can increase one’s inner knowledge of themselves

• Enhances creativity

• Helps individuals express themselves and communicate better than they used to

• As a result of the above, it boosts self confidence

• Can relieve anxiety and stress

12. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

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Known to be the best stone that offers protection, the Black Tourmaline healing crystal, as the name suggests is seen in black. Its mineral composition is that of Silicon Hydroxide. It targets the root chakra and the benefits of it have been listed below –

• It’s easily one of the best stones for self-protection

• Strengthens the immune system

• Placing the stone on an area of pain can reduce the pain felt

• Gets rid of negative thoughts and offers clarity of thoughts

• Protects against electromagnetic energy

We hope this healing crystal guide will be able to help you identify and choose the healing crystals that can help you and your family best. Remember, simply choosing the right healing crystal is only step 1. You must find your intention and channel it using the vibrational energy being released from the stones. This requires devotion and dedication of the highest levels. So, if you feel you’re ready, visit our store and find just what you need.
































































































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