60th Birthday Gifts

60th Birthday Gifts

Surprise your Parents with the best 60th Birthday Gift For Father & Mom

Gifts are all about creating memories. It is a thing that people remember for years and it also helps strengthen a bond. So when it is about choosing the 60th birthday gifts for Father, one should only select what’s best because it is a great milestone and should be celebrated in a grand way. With the amazing range of birthday gifts for father available at My Pooja Box, you can make the occasion more memorable and lovable.

Hitting 60 is a major milestone and that is why the 60th birthday gift has to be special. The day need not be too formal as you can plan a fun-filled evening by inviting a few special people and have a party. Be it for your mom or your dad, there is an array of options available here that can easily make the day super special for your family.

60th Birthday Gifts for Dad

Your dad has hit the 60th mark and it needs to be celebrated properly and etched in memory forever. For a person who is 60 years old, finding the best and most suitable gift can be a little puzzling. But with our exclusive and unique gifting options, you can relax and plan your party tension free. All our gifts qualify amazingly well as 60th birthday gifts for dad and he will love them with all his heart.

Clear Quartz Glow Lamp – Clear Quartz is known to clear the mind of negativity and enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. This is considered as the master of all other healing crystals as it helps enhance and amplify their healing powers and abilities. Hence the crystal quartz glow lamp works great as a 60th birthday gift for dad. It will fill his life with positive energy and also act as a reminder of your love for him. He can keep it in his bedroom as a décor item too and enjoy looking at a masterpiece whenever he wakes up.

Copper Gift Items – Copper is considered healthy and drinking water in copper bottles will boost over-all health and rid body of harmful chemicals easily. So a set of copper water bottles also comes under the category of best 60th birthday gifts. Divinity copper platter too works great to enhance the décor of prayer nook and hence is a perfect accessory to gift to your loved ones.

If your dad is a religious person, there are numerous options that fall under this category to make him feel good and special.

60th Birthday Gifts for Mom

60th birthday is special for everyone, be it your mom or your dad. On this day, your mom deserves to be gifted the best present which can be easily bought online at My Pooja Box. With our awe-inspiring 60th birthday gifts for mom, you can surprise her and make her really happy.

Silverware Dinner Set – Who does not love luxury silverware? We all do and hence they come on top of the list for your mom as 60th birthday present. Our range of silverware sets has a modern appeal but with a contemporary twist. It will remind you of your childhood in an aesthetically pleasing way and will become a memorable gift for years to come. Be it an anniversary gift or birthday gift, you can order it tension free as it will definitely be the show stopper.

Decorative Diya Stands – Be it natural or man-made lighting, the effects of both are amazing. It fills our minds with positivity and happiness. Hence our range of decorative Diya stands or candle holders works wonders as 60th birthday gift. They double up as décor piece too so it’s a win-win situation for your mom because all moms love décor items.

Aroma Diffusers A fragrant home is a happy home. A lot of us don't know this, but fragrance helps remove negativity from the house and brings in happiness and lightens everybody’s mood. The chic design makes it all more adorable and useful as it doubles up a décor piece too. It can be kept in the living room, bathroom or wherever you think is necessary. Pair it up with her favorite essential oil and help her sleep in peace every night as certain fragrances are known to induce sleep.

Potpourri Gift Set – Another amazing example of the 60th birthday gift is the potpourri gift set. The dried mix of various flower petals can enhance the ambiance of any room. Sprinkle them over your dining table or keep them in the living room to give it a fragrant twist. Add a few drops of essential oil and watch your room turn into an aromatic wonder.

Healing Crystals – There is nothing better than the gift of healing and positivity. So choose from the range of authentic healing crystals from My Pooja Box and make your mom happy. It can be in the form of a pendant or a showpiece, so choose as per your preference and enjoy amazing outcomes. Apart from these, there is an option of religious gifts like Gods and Goddesses idols, dhoop incense, and Rudraksha Mala which can be bought as per the need.

Make the 60th Birthday Special for your Parents

It’s a great achievement and you all will be super excited. So make it an evening to remember by planning a theme party, inviting all your relatives and close friends, organizing a small dedication in form of video or photo collage, recite a poem for your parents or even plan a dance performance. All these will make your day fun and exciting. As far as the gifting part is concerned, you can rely on our amazing collection of unforgettable and luxurious birthday gift for papa.

Gifts are a way of expressing your love and happiness. Choosing the right gift for an occasion may seem challenging when you visit the local stores. However, online shopping gives you a chance to explore different gifts that best suit your choice.

If you are looking for Unique gifts for the 60th birthday of your Father or relatives or any festivals you should definitely check out the My Pooja Box online store. My Pooja Box offers a wide range of gifts, puja Samagri, and home décor items at the best prices.

You can pick the beautiful Green Aventurine Angel Pendant, Abalone Shell Sage Holder, gorgeous Clear Quartz Glow Lamp, or Goloka Pure Sambrani Resin Dhoop Incense, and many more.

There are other options which include Stylish Brass Rocking Chair Ganesha, eco-friendly Ganpati idols, or Potpourri Gift Set/Combo, etc.

If you are unsure about giving feng shui gifts, home decor gifts or pooja samagri then you can choose the gift vouchers worth Rs.1000, Rs.1500, Rs.2000, Rs.2500, or Rs.3000.

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