Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

What Are Reiki Crystals & How Can They Help Us Heal?

Before we get to Reiki healing, it’s important to know where the concept of Reiki healing practices & products came from. Reiki is a Japanese concept that relates to emotional & spiritual healing. Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, reiki methods of healing as well as reiki crystals & products that followed were devised to help individuals improve their own health & overall quality of life. This was said to be possible as Reiki healing practices & items can guide one through life by enlightening them with un-paralleled wisdom & an unseen aura of energy that can aid in spiritual & mental healing. Reiki can be broken down into two separate Japanese words, Rei & Ki.

Rei – This refers to subtle & ever-present wisdom that can help develop life to its full potential.

Ki – This refers to a non-physical energy that flows across all of our universe & is the stimulant of life itself.

In totality, Reiki is said to aid in the healing of one’s body, be it physical or mental healing. It is also said to aid the body & mind in achieving the relaxation needed for a calm & completely pure meditative state.

The 7 Reiki Chakra’s are said to be wheels of energy that are located in strategic areas of the body. They help direct energy where it is needed most & help the body work the way it should in order to achieve perfect mental & physical well-being. This also includes helping the body prepare for any damage, whether it’s physical or emotional.

Reiki Crystals & especially reiki healing practices aim to help these 7 chakras of the body align in perfect harmony to optimize your health. This is why My Pooja Box decided to bring the healing powers of Reiki crystals online, so that our customers can shop & experience Reiki crystals, chakra bracelets, chakra pyramids and more from the comfort of their home.

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