A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals

Beginners Guide to Healing Crystals

Healing crystals or semi-precious gemstones are formed naturally within the earth’s crust. Crystals such as the famous clear quartz crystal, apparently makes up around 12% of the earth’s crust. The natural processes that have resulted in their formation have been going on for millions of years and people have been using these crystals as healing remedies for centuries.

So, What Can Healing Crystals Do For Me?

Healing crystals have the ability to connect us to the various elements present around us. They are said to have the ability to harness the energy of the sun, moon and oceans.

It is said that these semi-precious stones can connect you to the earth's natural energy as soon as contact is established. Those who believe, are said to be able to channel their energy in a manner that is beneficial for your inner chakras as well as your spiritual well-being.

Also did I mention they look stunning? I don’t think I did. They possess vibrant hues and unique patterns that give them a lot of visual appeal. The aesthetics is why these stones are also used to create pieces of home décor.

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

how do healing crystals work?

Healing crystals have the ability to channel, disperse and repel energy in a manner that is similar to magnets. Healing stone crystals absorb energy that is released from your body and use this energy to attract positive forces to your life from the environment around you. When these healing stone crystals are placed over certain parts of your body, your energy is released along with vibrations that pulse, move and shift in accordance to the properties and energetic signature of the crystals being used.

How Do I Go About Using My Crystal? - The Importance Of Your Intention And Belief

Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals

As mentioned above, these crystals work courtesy of their ability to channel and shape vibrations. What wasn’t mentioned above, is the fact that our thoughts create vibrations too.

Our thoughts have the power to attract anything that will turn our dreams into reality. So, you must have clear intentions for using these healing stones.

Once your intention is clear and ready, the stones will help channel energy from your thoughts through them and onto your surroundings to positively influence factors around you to favour your wellbeing.

I’ve got my crystal. What do I do now?

Step 1: Cleanse your crystal. Immerse your crystal in the smoke of a burning incense stick or clean it with holy water. This will cleanse the crystal of any unwanted energy.

Step 2: To re-energize your crystal with the right energies, place your crystal out under the light of the sun for a few hours. This will allow the crystal to recharge itself.

Step 3: Hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Reflect on your faith, the Earth, and what makes you happy (your intention). This will connect you with the vibrational energy you need to bring about positive changes in your life.

Step 4: The crystal is now connected with you & is ready to be used. You can place the crystal in your home or wear it on your body as an accessory.

Different Types Of Crystal Healing Products

Healing crystals can be bought in many shapes and forms. Each kind serves a different purpose.

Healing Crystal Bracelets

Healing Crystal Bracelets

These are easily the most widely used healing crystal products on the market today. Such bracelets are made using authentic gemstones. The beads can all be from one stone or they can each be from different stones to ensure each chakra is targeted. Wearing the bracelet can help transfer vibrations through the stones into your skin and towards your spiritual chakras.

Where should you wear your crystal bracelet?

It is always recommended to wear your healing crystal bracelet on your non-dominant hand. Which basically means, if you’re left-handed, wear the bracelet on your right hand and vice versa.

Tumble Stones

Tumble Stones

The reason tumble stones are so sought after is because they are an all-purpose set of healing crystals and they radiate energy gently in all directions. Tumble stones are known for being highly versatile in nature as they can be placed anywhere on your body on whatever chakra you wish to target. If you don’t like the idea of the stones being on your body, you can have them placed around your meditative space as well. Be it in your bedroom, yoga studio or living room. They are used mainly to aid one's ability to meditate. For the same, they can be laid on your skin, held in your hand or simply kept in close proximity to you.

Where should I place or keep Tumble Stones?

As far as housing or storing the stones is concerned, they can be carried in a backpack/ pocket or placed under your pillow or mattress while you sleep. Tumble stones can even be placed in plants, near a water fountains or simply put on display within your home.

Crystal Pyramids

Crystal Pyramids

These healing crystals, as the name might suggest, come in the form of pyramids that have 4 triangular sides. These crystal pyramids are famous for their ability to hold and disperse positive energy around you. They also possess the ability to stabilise energies from earth while enhancing and projecting energies out the apex of the pyramid.

Where should I place Crystal Pyramids?

As far as crystal healing stone pyramids are concerned, it’s advised to place them in the southwest and central areas of your home. That being said, the corners of your house, especially the southwest corner, are the best places to place your crystal pyramids in order to promote harmony, good fortune and prosperity within your office or home.

Crystal Sphere/Ball

Crystal Sphere/Ball

Crystal spheres help radiate energy evenly in all directions around your living space. As a result, these spheres ensure that positive energy and vibrations are felt all around and not just concentrated in a single area. They have the ability to slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energies. If used properly, they can open one’s third eye chakra as they are connected to the earth, moon and other planets in our solar system.

Where to place Crystal Balls?

Depending upon your requirements, you will need to place the crystal ball in an area that requires an increased amount of light and fresh energy. They are best placed on the centre table of your living room.

Crystal Tower/Pencil

Crystal Tower/Pencil

Crystal towers are commonly referred to as energy generators because they have the ability to bring strong and grounding feng shui energy to the area where they have been placed. A crystal energy tower can uplift and purify the energy around your home or office. Which is why it considered best placed in an area that needs grounding, stable and positive energy.

Healing Crystal Tree

Healing Crystal Tree

Not only are these crystal trees stunning to look at, they can do more good for you and your home than you could ever comprehend. They are the perfect way to utilize the powers of Chakra healing and help instil positive energy around your home. Thus, bringing the benefits of healing crystals to your entire family. As the design mimics a tree rising from the ground, the energy is transferred from the earth through the branches and subsequently around your home. They are easily one of the most effective products for transferring energy evenly across your living space.

Where should I place Crystal Healing Trees?

Having these beautiful crystal healing trees placed in the southeast corner of your home can bring in the energy you need to improve your financial situation. If placed in the northwest corner, you can attract all the positivity you need to be successful in your profession.  

Crystal Prayer Mala’s

Crystal Prayer Mala’s

Crystal prayer malas and pendants bring the power of prayer, the power of traditional belief, custom and the power of gemstones closer together. It is recommended that you follow the ancient yogic practices of placing your intent onto your prayer beads with the power of your thoughts and their vibrations. It is then advised to wear your garland/mala/pendant around your neck or wrist. This helps channel positive energy based on your intent to your inner chakras.

Prayers malas and pendants are generally associated to inner peace and tranquility but with the power of your thoughts, they can do you more good than one can comprehend.  

Healing Crystal Angels

Healing Crystal Angels

This is easily one of our best selling products within our collection of healing crystals. These crystal angels are highly recommended by astrologers and tarot card readers alike. People who practice astrology, tarot card reading or any other kind of supernatural reading like to place these crystal angels on the table with them as they can help one find guidance.

As far as spiritual and emotional protection is concerned, nothing compares to a guardian angel carved out of healing crystals. With wings shaped like hearts, these healing crystal angels help spread love and ensure calming energies are radiated all around your living space. In fact, these crystal Angels can even help connect you to your true guardian angels.

These are just a few of the many products available within the world of healing crystals. Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about them, go find the stone that can help bring the changes you need in your life. If you need assistance choosing a crystal, feel free to mail us at info@mypoojabox.com or call us on +91 8010288882. Our team of experts can help you decide what stone will benefit you and your family best.

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