Holi is a festival that celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of colors in our life! It is the most colorful festival of India that adds joy and fun to otherwise mundane lives. Holi is also celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil and make human beings realize the power of goodness.

Since time immemorial, celebrations play a crucial role in our lives. But at the same time, when we celebrate, it is important to keep our environment safe. It is time to take responsibility and celebrate all festivals including Holi in an eco-friendly way. We have created a simple yet enticing way to celebrate Holi in an environmental-friendly way. Read on:

1. Use Natural, Home-made Colors

One of the simplest ways to save the environment while indulging in this festival of colors is to use eco-friendly colors. Celebrate this beautiful festival with eco-friendly Holi colors, that are natural or homemade.

Unfortunately, in the name of affordability, people end up buying cheap Holi colors, which are bad for the skin and are full of harmful chemicals. How about making your own colors using products like Haldi, sandalwood, and henna? It is possible to use a varied combination and come up with completely safe colors that can be washed off easily. It is important that when we indulge in celebration, we don't enforce ourselves on innocent animals. Chemicals present in colors can cause irreversible harm to their bodies.

2. Stop Using Balloons and Plastic Pichkaris

We all know plastic is bad for our environment. It is important to reduce its usage and being proactive about it. The first thing that you can do is to stop using balloons during Holi. Not only they promote the use of plastic, but it also allows troublemakers to assault and harm innocent people and animals. Every year, we witness innumerable incidents where several people were injured during Holi celebrations.

3. Celebrate Dry, Waterless Holi

Playing dry or waterless Holi is another step towards an eco-friendly Holi celebration. You may not even realize but tonnes of clean water is wasted each year during the Holi celebration. It is a great idea to avoid this situation. Go green and save water, this Holi. We must assume the responsibility of a good citizen by spreading awareness, practicing, and adopting what we can easily do to make our festivals safe for people all across. A beautiful example was set by people Ahmedabad last year. The citizens of Ahmedabad played 'Tilak Holi’ and boycotted pichkaris completely. By playing a dry Holi, you can curtail unnecessary damage to our beautiful planet. Almost all our festivals are about spreading beautiful human emotions of love, joy, and happiness and this certainly doesn't involve polluting our environment.

4. Use Environmental-Friendly Waste for Holi Bonfire

You may not realize it but using eco-friendly waste for celebration is a part of our culture. Our ancestors used scraps such as cow-dung, coconut waste, etc for the Holi bonfire. You can also resort to them in place of wood and thus save precious trees from getting cut.

5. Celebrate Holi with Flowers

How about playing Holi with flowers to promote an eco-friendly Holi celebration? Well, you can organize a Holi celebration with flowers in your residential area. In fact, in some places, men and women dress up in traditional attires and decorate themselves with ornaments made of flowers. This is a beautiful way to welcome spring.

So apart from the 5 points to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi, here are some more points you can Implement:

Plan your Holi celebrations in advance and decide what all you can do to save water and the environment.

Try to gather at one place to celebrate Holi.

Apply oil. Coconut or mustard oil on hair and entire body and wear a cap to protect your hair from colors.

While washing off Holi colors, use gram flour to scrub your face. You can add milk cream and a few drops of lemon into it to rinse off the colors.

Refrain from using hazardous items such as oil paints and mud, which can harm people as well as pollute nature. It is really difficult to remove such colors and may even cause skin rashes and allergies.

Holi is a beautiful festival that is meant to spread love, joy, and happiness all around. Play safe and eco-friendly Holi this year and see how good you feel. While we celebrate, we must ensure our celebration doesn't harm our planet and the people living in it. Avoid polluting it as much as possible, which can be easily done if we plan ahead and act sensibly.

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