Holi Festival: Must Know Rituals & Traditions for Memorable Fun!

Holi Festival: Must Know Rituals & Traditions for Memorable Fun!

In India question like, ‘Holi Kab Hai’ or ‘When is Holi’ isn’t just a movie dialogue. It enfolds the beautiful aspects of Holi festival. Popular as Phagwah or Phalgun Mahotsav, the festival is observed in the month of Phalgun (March) as per Hindu calendar.

What’s the meaning of Holi? Well, in simple terms it means the ‘festival of colours’. The celebration lasts for one night and a day- Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi by the evening and next day morning Holi.

In this blog, we are going to discuss Holi festival date and information. So, keep scrolling for more information on this joyous celebration.

Holi Date in 2021, 2022 and 2023

You might be wondering about when is this celebration going to fall in 2021, 2022 and 2023. So to help you out here is the information.

In 2021, Holi is on Monday 29th March

In 2022, Holi is on Friday 18th March

In 2023, Holi is on Wednesday 8th March

It is one of the most awaited festivals after Diwali. Smeared faces, jolly moods, coloured streets and delicious treats add to its fervour! This Hindu festival is known for its festive spirit gripping everyone from younger to older. It’s a day that symbolizes our long-standing tradition of merry-making with family and friends. Seeing their happy and colourful faces further add to the spirit.

The festival is so fun-filled that you’ll find Bollywood movies making most out of Holi celebration. Whether It’s Sholay, Ram Leela, Baghban or Mother India, there are many movies having holi scenes or songs in them.

History of Holi

Holi History

Are you interested in exploring the various aspects of this celebration? let’s find out the history of holi.

The history of Holi finds its mention in various religious scriptures of Hindus such as Purvamimamsa-Sutras and Kathaka-Grhya-Sutras, Narad Purana and Bhavishyad Purana. Even it’s been accounted in King Harsha’s 7th-century work Ratnavali.

There are many legends associated with the celebration of Holi. We have gathered a few for your reference.

The legend of Prahalad, Hiranyakashipu, and Holika

 Holika Dahan

Holikotsav symbolises the win of good over evil. As per a famous legend, it is believed that when Lord Vishnu annihilated the younger brother of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. The demon king wanted to rule the three world- heaven, earth, and underworld. He got the idea of defeating Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu mistook his own powers as invincible. He started destroying temples and ordering people to worship him.

However, his son Prahalad refused to worship him. He devoted himself to none but Lord Vishnu. This made Hiranyakashipu angry. He thought of killing Prahalad. He asked his sister Holika, who was immune to fire to burn him. A big pyre was lit on which Holika sat with Prahalad. The flames of fire burned Holika to the ashes while Prahalad came out unharmed.

Later Lord Vishnu’s avatar, Narasimha killed Hiranyakashipu. This is why we celebrate Holika a day before Holi. This is said to burn all the evils signifying the win of good.

Rituals of Holi festival

Holi festival information is incomplete without rituals. As every festival we celebrate has customs and traditions of its own so as the festival of colours.

Here are a few rituals that showcase the vibrant essence of this beautiful celebration.

Lighting the Bonfire or Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan 2018

The first tradition that marks the beginning of the festival of colours is lighting the bonfire or Holika Dahan. A day before Holi, people gather in an open area in their locality. The make a bonfire out of a big pile of wood, leaves, and twigs. They light the bonfire and worship it that denotes the burning of evils and triumph of good. The ember or ash of the fire is taken to the home for various other rituals.

Playing with Colours or the Ritual of Dhuleti

Holi masti

The next day, people welcome Dhuleti or the rangowali holi celebration. Everyone including children and elders smears colours on each other and celebrate Holi. Liquid colours are splashed through pichkaris that make the event even more joyous. Every street, every home seems coloured in vibrant hues that further adds to the spirit of this festival!

The gathering of family and friends

Holi 2018

Holi is the best time for family gathering! We all enjoy sharing special occasions with family and friends, don’t we? This festival gives us an opportunity to forget differences and fortify relationships. Indulging in delicious treats, sharing gifts and wishing elders and youngsters good luck exemplify the beautiful aspects of this celebration.

Special treats, Bhaang and Masti

Holi Festival

Indian festivals are popular for delicious food preparations. Holi isn’t an exception. Special delicacies are made a day one or two in advance. Malpua, ghujiya, puran poli, thandai and bhaang they denote the fervor attached with this festival.

Drinking bhaang which is, of course, heady is a must on holi.

Different regions have different traditions, however, the sole essence is same.

So folks, get ready to smear faces, splash pichkaris and gorge on mouth-watering recipes because Holi has arrived!


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