Which Ganesha Idol Is Good For Your Home?

which ganesha idol is good for home

Ganesh Idols have been recommended for homes for as long as one can remember. That being said, which kind of idol is ideal for your home has never been specified. For as long as I can remember, people have been asking, “which Ganesha idol is good for home?” for a long time now. So, I decided to do some research of my own.

According to religious experts, different materials used to create idols enable different energies to be attracted to your home. Which is why it’s important to be aware of the different Ganesh idols available and the materials used to create the same.

Listed below are the different types of Ganesh idols and the rules that should be kept in mind while placing them.

The Ganesha Idols Good For Home – The Materials & Their Energies

1. Eco-friendly Ganesha Idols – Vegetation

Idols made up of elements from peepal trees, neem trees & mango peels are said to attract good luck and positive energy into your home. These idols are slightly harder to find as opposed to those made using materials such as clay, stone and brass. However, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly Ganesha idol, these idols are probably the most environment friendly idols you can find in the country.

eco friendly ganesha

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2. Turmeric Idols

Turmeric is quite a widely used raw material in India and has unsurprisingly been used to create Ganesha idols too. Idols made using turmeric are considered to be some of the most auspicious idols you can buy. However, like the idols made using vegetation, these idols aren’t the easiest to find.

3. Crystal Idols

Not only are crystal idols visually appealing, but they also help remove all Vaastu Doshas. Removing these Vaastu doshas can bring about positive changes to your life.

4. Eco-friendly Ganesha Idols – Cow Dung

Yeah, it may not sound very appealing, but these idols are said to be one of the luckiest religious idols to bring home as they help eliminate sorrows and bad luck from one’s life. If positive vibes are something your home is missing, these idols can help give you just that. This is also another example of an eco-friendly Ganesha idol.

5. White Idols

A white Ganesh idol is your best bet to bring wealth, happiness and prosperity into your life. Usually, these white idols are made using white marble but may also be painted to depict the same. For the sake of durability, we’d advise buying authentic marble idols instead of painted ones.

6. Vermillion Idols

Vermillion is said to represents the dominance of mankind. These idols are said to help bring self-growth to individuals who worship them. So, if you feel you have more potential than you’ve utilized, this vermillion idol is the one you need to bring home.

Other than just learning about the idols, their materials and the energies associated to them. There are certain rules to follow while placing your Ganesha idols at home. They have been listed below for your reference.

1. Ganesha Direction – It’s crucial to remember that Ganesha idols must be placed facing east or west. You can place a Ganesh idol facing northeast or northwest but under no circumstances should your idol be facing south.

2. Make An Offering – As tradition dictates, it’s best to keep a bowl of rice infront of your idol at home as an offering. It’s said that making this offering to Lord Ganesh will help you better receive his blessings.

3. Rooms To Avoid – Never place a Ganesha Idol in your bedroom, bathroom or even on a wall that is attached to a bathroom. Ganesh idols are best placed at the entrance of your home.

4. Ganesha Trunk Direction – Only Ganesh idols that have their trunks pointed to the left should be placed within your home. Idols with their trunks tilted to the right are considered difficult to please and are best reserved for temples or other holy places of worship. To learn more about the significance of lord Ganesh’s trunk direction.

5. The Number Of Idols – People always ask, “How many Ganesh idols should be kept at home?”. Well, it’s advised to keep only 1 idol in a room. Anymore together and the positive energy is bound to get disrupted.

6. Mouse & Modak – Always remember to place a mouse and a modak next to the Ganesha idol if the idol didn’t already come with the same. The mouse and modak are considered to be auspicious and are an integral part of these idols.

7. Ganesha Idol For Work – If you’re looking for the right energy at work, remember to buy an idol that depicts the lord in a standing position. A standing Ganesh idol is best suited for office spaces as they are said to bring enthusiasm & energy to your work environment.

8. Ganesha Idol For Home – If you’re looking for a Ganesha idol for home, then it’s best advised to get a figurine that depicts the lord sitting. This idol is said to instill a sense of calm in your home but is also said to bring determination to those who lack it.

So, keep the above in mind the next time you’re looking to bring home a Ganesha idol for home décor. It will help you bring home the idol whose energy is lacking most in your home.

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