Celebrate an eco-friendly Holi with organic colors 

organic colors 

We all will soon dive into the vibrancy of mesmerizing scenery created by the beautiful shades of colors. With cute and funny faces smeared with Holi Herbal Fresh Rose Gulaal, Holi, the festival of grandeur, love, dance, excitement, music, fun, and extravaganza, let us paint our Mother Nature with the colors of pleasure and happiness. Come, find out the ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi with organic colors.

1. Say bye-bye to plastic

Using colorful water-filled plastic bags or balloons to spruce up the joy of the Holi festival celebration may seem to bring out the child in you and give you happiness. But have you ever wondered how hard our joy can cost the beautiful Mother Nature? Yes, it does harm, pollute, and damage the various natural resources in many ways we haven't yet imagined. So, from this year, let us start up the old-gold tradition of saying no to plastic and also motivate others to do the same. This will in turn save water to an unimaginable level and also avoid the damage of organs of the people that are caused by hitting the balloons. 

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2. Try out our organic colors 

Play a safe and harmless Holi from this year with the widest assortment of gorgeous colors My Pooja Box brings you. Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients like flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and extracts of other edible materials. The Holi Herbal Red Gulaal,

Holi Herbal Yellow Gulal/Color, Holi Herbal Sky Blue Gulaal/Color, Color Gift Box (Set of 5), or the Holi Herbal Lemon Grass Gulaal/ Color are extremely safe on your skin, eyes, and overall health. Causing no allergies, rashes, or irritations, these eye-catching Holi colors are available at our store. 

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3. Save water and enjoy dry Holi  

We all know that water is one of the most precious resources in our lives and needs to be used wisely by each one of us. Many places across different states are facing water scarcity issues, hence opt for dry Holi where you can celebrate the festival by just applying a Tilak on the forehead or a little color on the cheeks. Avoid wasting buckets of water or mixing the harmful colors in the major resources of water that not only pollute the same but also cause wastage of the same. 

Use our Holi Herbal Fresh Rose Gulaal,  the Holi Herbal Gulal/Color 2 in 1 which comes in a variety of colors like red & green, pink & yellow, and orange & green, or also the Vedant Holi Herbal Gulaal this Holi celebration. 

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4. Add sweetness to the celebration  – 

Indian festivals are all about excitement, joy, music, dance and so much more. But what completes the essence of the celebration is the luscious sweets and desserts. It is said that Bhaang along with sweets doubles the level of enjoyment one experiences. So, why not spread happiness and dissolve bitterness with the sweetness of the Chana Burfi & Chocolate Ladoo Mithai Set, Mithai Small Gift (Set of 4), Kaju Katli Mithai Gift Box, Dodha, Kaju Katli & Besan Burfi Mithai Set (Small), along with the lovely Vedant Holi Herbal Gulaal and many more packages tantalizing sweets and colors available at our largest online shopping store?

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5. Surprise your loved ones with Holi gifts 

Gifting your near and dear ones to witness a wide smile on their face is always a wonderful idea to strengthen the bond between your relationship. So, keeping away all the negativity around at bay, this Holi festival you can gift your friends, family members, colleagues, or relatives with  Color Holi Petite Box, Milk Cake Mithai & LED Thali Gift Set, Color Gift Box (Set of 5), Happy Holi Box, My Radiant Colorful Gulaal/Color Holi Gift Box and such other auspicious gifts and dazzle-up the aura of wonderful vibes. 

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