How to Make Eco Friendly Ganesha at Home?

How to Make Eco Friendly Ganesha at Home?

With the positive vibes of Ganesh Chaturthi capturing serenity in the air, the one thing that everyone across the country is excited about is - an eco-friendly festive celebration. Right from installing a pandal, preparing garland, decorating the chowki with beautiful lights and flowers, to preparing the most delicious sweets liked by Ganpati Bappa.

And over the years, what we all have been observing is a highly positive response and a warm welcome of the Eco-friendly Ganesha idols. Alongside adding a personal touch to the festival, a large part of the population is seen inclined towards taking a small step towards the preservation of nature.

It generally starts two weeks or so early that people place their orders for attractive idols of Lord Ganesha from different shops. Though appearing quite attractive and mesmerizing, the idols made of POP pose a great danger to the environment. To end up polluting and getting our Mother Nature damaged any further, here is a wonderful time to spread happiness and make the festival much enjoyable with Eco-friendly Ganesha idols.

Clay ganesha

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Right from clay, newspaper to chocolate and paper mache, there are a number of eco-friendly ideas to make Ganpati idols at home this Ganesh Chaturthi. Without disturbing the equilibrium of the ecological system, here are several easy ways on how to make Eco-friendly Ganesha at home? Try out and enjoy the different styles of creating Ganpati Bappa at home.

Ganpati Bappa Idol from Newspaper

Newspapers are one of the resources that one can easily find in each one’s house. Molding into any shape when mixed with water, newspapers also do not pose any harm to nature. All you need to do is just gather some newspapers from your backyard and cut them into a few pieces so that each piece dips neatly into the bowl of water.

Remove these pieces of paper from the water, mold them into different body shapes of Eco-friendly Ganpati murti and leave them to dry. Till the parts dry up completely, prepare a smooth mixture of all-purpose flour and water which will act as glue to join the parts. Carefully connect each part let them dry. Paint with vibrant colors.

Eco-friendly Ganpati murti made from clay, and play dough

Soil or clay Ganesha murtis are always the best and the most eco-friendly option as they easily dissolve into the water. So, if you are wondering how to make eco-friendly Ganesha idols at home, here are a few steps you need to follow. Take a chunk of clay, and knead it into a smooth dough. Divide it into 2 pieces, of which one piece is for the base. Of the remaining dough, take a larger ball-sized clay for the torso, a medium-sized ball for the head, 2 balls for the legs, and a total of 6 small-sized balls for the ears, hands, trunk, and crown.

Flatten the large piece of clay for the base on which the Ganpati idol rests. Place the stomach on the base, fix it with a toothpick and apply water for moisture. For the legs, slightly press the clay to get the shape of feet. Then, roll and bend the clay that depicts hands.

The next step is to roll the clay to a smooth round shape for the head, ears, and finally the trunk. To highlight the features of the idol, use a toothpick along with some water to retain its moisture. Sow some seeds of your choice in the mud or play dough, along with chemical-free fertilizers, paint and create lovely Eco-friendly Ganesha idols. As these murtis easily dissolve in the water, the same water can be used for your garden.

Eco-friendly Ganesha Idols Made from Paper Mache

This method of creating a beautiful and eco-friendly idol of God Ganpati is the same as the above one. The only difference is that the pulp or the pieces of pulp mixed with water is turned into a composite material. This mixture is then bought together and created into a soft dough with wallpaper paste or the usual stationery glue. Different parts of the body of Ganesha are made, glued together, and are let dry for 2-3 days. This hand-painted eco-friendly Ganpati looks truly adorable in your puja space.

Sweet Chocolate Ganpati Murti

Want to try out something unique this Ganesh Chaturthi?? Well then, have you ever thought about Eco-friendly Ganpati murti made from ‘chocolate’? Yes, chocolate is such an ingredient that can be shaped quickly into the desired one. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to immerse this idol in a bowl filled with milk. This delectable choco milk serving as Prasadam, will make children to elderly people fall in love with.


The best part about Eco-friendly Ganpati is not only about learning how to make Eco-friendly Ganesha at home? but also to experience a sense of satisfaction towards contributing towards Mother Nature. Use natural colors that easily mix up into water bodies causing no harm to the water animals, thereby protecting human health. Such a beautiful activity is a great way to enhance the bonding, love, and celebrate togetherness between you and your family.

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