Lord Ganesha, widely known as ‘Siddhidata’ and ‘Vighnaharta’, is revered as the remover of all impediments. The elephant head of Lord Ganesha is the symbol of knowledge. Lord Ganesha is worshipped across all over India, especially in western parts like Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. and even in some other parts of the world. As we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, there is always a tendency to add creative ideas for Ganpati decoration at home.

As we welcome Lord Ganesha in our home, we decorate his place as beautiful as it can be. People consider him a God of wisdom and knowledge but, he is also the God of art and aesthetics. Considering that, here is a list of several unique creative ideas for Ganpati decoration at home which are very easy, simple and aesthetic as well.

1. Ganpati decoration with Umbrellas

Umbrella is a significant symbol of protection and comfort. Placing a big decorated umbrella over a Ganpati murti is a great idea to adorn our Lord Ganesha. As Ganesha always provides shelter to human beings like a big umbrella, the use of this module would suit the purpose. You can use umbrellas made of paper origami, textile, etc. If you are buying umbrellas, go for those that have sequins.  

2. Ganpati decoration with Papers

Lord Ganesha is the God of knowledge. So, using colorful papers for decoration would be a great idea. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, it is very cheap and the second is that it is widely available. Buy some colorful chart papers and with the help of a scissor create some exceptional designs of flowers, Ganpati murti, etc. Nothing can be better than paper and mirror work to manifest your creative ideas for Ganpati decoration at home.

3. Ganpati decoration with Pinwheel and Lights

Using pinwheels for Ganpati decoration is surely a great idea to execute your creativity. To bewilder everybody, get hold of fluorescent papers and turn them into pinwheels. To enhance the decoration, you may also make use of some lights behind those pinwheels. The combination of pinwheels and lights would be a sure showstopper.

4. Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration

Eco friendly ganpati decoration ideas at home

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The problems regarding our environment are the most burning issues these days and for that reason, we often hear the tagline ‘Go Green!’. So, why not create awareness for people through your ecofriendly Ganesha decoration. You can decorate the whole setup with 100% eco-friendly items like green leaves, stems, bamboo, plants, grass, etc. This Eco-Friendly Ganesha theme will add extra freshness to your entire embellishment.

5. Ganpati decoration with Jhalars and Jhoomers

Paper frill chandeliers, also popularly known as Jhalar and Jhoomers can also be used for creative Ganpati decoration. Take some colorful papers and with the help of scissors, cut those papers in a square shape. Then turn it into a conical shape and cut it horizontally. For step 3, put glue in the edges of those squares and sew the centres. Finally, when you unfold the paper, you have a colorful paper frill chandelier. Make these paper frills as many as possible and the ornamentation of Ganpati with those paper frill chandeliers will be an exquisite idea.

6. Ganpati decoration with Pom Pom and Beads

A simple but attractive decoration would also have the same effect as something gorgeous in the mind of the spectator. Using Pom pom and beads for Ganpati decoration is not something new, but, if you adorn the background wall of Ganpati darbar with pom pom, sterling spangles and beads, it will bring a sense of peace and positivity.

7. Ganpati decoration with flowers

Decorating the Ganpati darbar with flowers may sound old-fashioned but nothing can match the divine and celestial presence that we have in flowers. You can select flowers of various colors and different shades starting from lilies, sunflower, chrysanthemum and so on. The flowers should be arranged in different patterns on the top of the ‘darbar’. The freshness and the vibrance of color would turn out to be one of the best Ganpati decorations.

8. Ganpati decoration with colorful rangolis

Why limit yourself with only background decoration? You can utilize the floor to make various rangolis that would astonish everyone. You can also try various designs and patterns to outline Ganpati. As Indian festivals remain incomplete without colors, this creative idea for Ganpati decoration would be very fascinating.

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