11 Most Trending Lumba Rakhi Choices for Bhabhi..!

Most Trending Lumba Rakhi Choices for Bhabhi

Celebrated in the month of Shravana on the beautiful and auspicious full moon day, this joyous celebration of Raksha Bandhan signifies the love of siblings. However, there is a special rakhi designed for the sisters-in-law (Bhabhi) called Lumba Rakhi. Lumba, meaning bangle, is a tradition in the Marwari families of Rajasthan. 

The Lumba Rakhi is a special rakhi that is tied to the bangle of a sister-in-law. It is believed that a sister-in-law has the power of protecting the entire family and securing her marriage. Therefore, Lumba Rakhi is tied to a sister-in-law's bangle. Additionally, Lumba Rakhi is believed to seal the happy and loving bond between the sister-in-law and the sisters of the family.


Here are 11 different types of Lumba Rakhis you can choose for your Bhabhi:


Pearl Lumba Rakhi

The pearl Lumba rakhis come in a beautiful white color and look absolutely beautiful. So if you wish to give your bhabhi a classic-looking Lumba, this is a perfect choice.

pearl lumba rakhi

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Designer Lumba Rakhi

These are slightly expensive in comparison to other Lumba rakhis. But, on the other hand, the designer rakhis are beautiful with exquisite designs and unique patterns. So you can choose a designer bhaiya bhabhi rakhi sets that come in matching colors and designs.

Stone Embedded Rakhi

The light of love, caring, positivity, and endless friendship shines brightly through these magnificent, delicately embedded rakhis.This brilliant coloured Rakhi's mind-blowing design will easily impress your Bhabhi and make her feel truly cherished and loved.

Zardosi Lumba Rakhi

The zardosi Lumba rakhis are handmade and have a touch of exquisite artisanal zardozi craft. These Lumba and rakhi sets are traditional and attractive too.

zardosi lumba rakhi

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Pacchi Work Rakhi

The beautiful pacchi work is one of the most appreciated jewellery works and the Lumba rakhis made in this style are perfect for the occasion.

Jeweled Lumba Rakhi

These rakhis are embedded with gorgeous jewels that enhance the beauty of the rakhis. You should definitely pick these if you wish to give alluring, luxury-looking rakhis.

Kadi Kundan Work Lumba Rakhi

These lumba and rakhi sets come with rakhis decorated with both Kundan and kadi giving a traditional look. These are definitely unique and ideal for the occasion.

kundan lumba rakhi

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Pompom Lumba Rakhis

Just like the pompom rakhis, these are pompom Lumba rakhi for bhabhi, and they come in vibrant, colourful designs.

Shell with Zari Thread Rakhi

These are a combination of colourful zari threads with shells. The unique-looking Lumba and rakhi sets have shells of varied colors and look fantastic.

Agate Stone Rakhi

If you are looking for a very thoughtful and helping Lumba rakhi set, this is a perfect choice. Agate has healing properties of eliminating negative energies and offers a soothing feel. In addition, these stones come in alluring natural colors and are the most beneficial rakhis you can ever pick!

stone lumba rakhi

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Victorian Design Rakhi

This Lumba rakhi design offers a vintage look, embedded with victorian silhouette and intricate designs. You can pick this to give a classic western-looking Lumba for your bhabhi.

If you are away from your brother and sister-in-law, do not worry; send rakhi online. You can add the number rakhi with a combination of gift hampers and other goodies, including her favourites.

Hurry up, order today..!

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