Bhai Dooj/Tika Gifts

Bhai Dooj/Tika Gifts

Add Festivity to the Celebration of Bhai Dooj with My Pooja Box Gifts

In Indian traditions, family ties and interpersonal relationships occupy an important role. Amongst them, the unique and special relationship between brother and sister has been revered and celebrated for many centuries. As the joyous festivities of Deepawali conclude, the celebrations of Bhai Dooj incept. A festival that traces its roots to the bonding of love and adoration that exists between a brother and sister, Bhai Dooj is a festive ode to Hindu traditions and rituals, and thereby the processions of it, account for the same. The bond between brothers and sisters is so intense and deep that it could not be expressed just in few words. After Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj is the most famous festival dedicated to brothers and sisters.

We have devoted ourselves to the service of the masses since time immemorial, and this Bhai Dooj, we promise to stand true to our cause of assisting the populous in the ritualistic processions that accompany the occasion. Hence, from the decoration of puja thali to the application of sacred tikka on the forehead of a brother by his sister, from the exchange of Bhai Dooj Gift hampers to the formation of promising bonds of love, care, and well-being, My Pooja Box tends to provide the loving brothers and caring sisters with an assortment of Bhai Dooj personalized gifts online, that shall transform the occasion of Bhaiya Dooj into an everlasting memory that one shall cherish forever.

Origin and Significance of the Festival of Bhai Dooj

Celebrated on the last day of Diwali, that is the fifth day, the festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated as an ode to a mythological incident that recounts the visit made by Yamraj - the God of Death, to his sister Yamuna whom he dearly loved and adored. His sister performed the ceremony of 'Aarti', applied 'Tikka' on the forehead of her brother, and prepared delicious eatables for him to relish. Yamraj was touched by the token of love and appreciation that his sister had showered upon him and thereby declared that very day, as a sacred one, stating that a brother, whose sister treats him with similar rituals on the very same day shall never be greeted by any form of ill-will with good-will harboring him and his sister throughout their life. This day was designated as 'Bhai Dooj' and is being celebrated in the Indian culture since time immemorial.

Bhai Dooj Tikka and Congregation of Gifts

Since the festival of Bhai Dooj is marked with many traditional rites and on the day of the festival, there is a grand ceremony where all sisters put a tilak on the forehead of their brothers. Generally, the tilak or tikka is red in color which signifies well-being and prosperity of their brothers. The Bhai Dooj tikka comes along with other Bhai dooj Gifts and much more. You can order gifts and Bhai Dooj tikka thali online with us and send it to your siblings. Wish your siblings a joyous and prosperous Bhai Dooj by sending online Bhai Dooj gifts for brother this festive season.

An Assortment of Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas

We have a whole range of and Bhai Dooj gift for sisters such as Bhaidooj hampers, Bhai Dooj chocolates etc. Select your choice of gifts and present them to your beloved sister on the occasion. Sisters also try to present the most alluring and attractive gift for brothers, including the Bhai Dooj Special Tikka Thali that is the crowning epitome of the festival. We also feature a gift for brother on Bhai Dooj section for the convenience of the ladies in search of gifts for their brothers.

This is the occasion to celebrate a bond of happiness and togetherness where all family members are present to exchange gifts, sweets, and emotions. If you are a brother, then you may send several best and unique gifts to your sister. In the same way, if you are a sister, then you may send any gift item you like such as Bhai Dooj personalized gifts items.

You need to express your emotions and feelings about your loving brother to make him feel valued and important. Greeting cards are the best way to express your feelings and convey your emotions towards your siblings in a wonderful manner.

Delivery of Bhai Dooj Gifts India

My Pooja Box are always at your disposal, and if a brother cannot be with his sister or vice-versa. We understand and try our best to dissolve distances. Making apt use of the services that we provide, our dear brothers and sisters can do justice to the Bhai dooj gift ideas that are blooming in their mind and send gifts to each other.

Reach out to your siblings across the miles with attractively packed Bhai Dooj Tikka and gifts. Unique and exclusively designed and packed Bhai Dooj Tikka teamed with lovely envelopes and beautifully decorated thalis. They are all set to convey your affection and Bhai Dooj wishes to your loving brother.

Select from an exclusive array of Bhai Dooj Tikka from embellished to the simplest styles. These appealingly decorated Bhai Dooj gifts are paired up with attractively decorated pooja thalis, beautiful envelopes, tasty sweets, chocolates, and dry fruits. Send Bhai Dooj Gifts to your brother and surprise him with their beauty. Be sure of winning your dear bother's heart by sending him online Bhai Dooj Tikka Gifts. It is a festival to celebrate the relationship between brothers and sisters. Bhai Dooj tikka is celebrated on the second day after Diwali by exchanging gifts between brothers & sisters. So, delight your siblings by choosing from our unique & trendy collection of Bhai Dooj gifts.

Buy Bhai Dooj gifts from My Pooja Box

Make the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj more special with the help of our exclusive range of gifts for your brothers! How about making the festival more special for your brother by choosing a perfect pooja thali along filled with delicacies and sacred tikka? Just have a look at other Bhai Dooj gift hampers available on our site, which will help you make the right decision. Browse through our exclusive collection of Bhai Dooj gifts and find a perfect gift for your loving brother today. We have gifts items matching every need and budget. There's more! You can buy online Bhai Dooj tikka and we will deliver it for free to all locations worldwide. Apart from these, you may send Tikka with chocolates hampers, or buy tikka with sweets hamper. All the gifts and hampers are lined up right here for you.

Bhai Dooj Gifts at My Pooja Box

In the Indian tradition, relationships important and hold a special place in everybody's heart. To celebrate the relationships various festivals or ceremonies are celebrated. One such unique celebration that remarks the love and bond between a sister and a brother is the Bhai dooj celebration. It is one of the most special functions or the rituals during the Deepavali festival. Bhai dooj is dedicated to brothers and sisters where they stand true to their promises of protecting each other and retaining their care, love and prayer of well being towards each other. On this special occasion the brother and the sister exchange diwali gifts, in order to express their memories or love for each other.

On the fifth day of Diwali the sisters celebrate this festival by applying tikka on the forehead of the brother and performing Aarti, and lastly feeding them with a piece of sweet.

If you too are looking for Bhai dooj gifts that will express your love and happiness towards your sister or brother then you should definitely check out the collection of Bhai Dooj tikka gifts My Pooja Box. My Pooja Box is an online shop that offers a wide range of gifts, home decor gifts, Pooja samagri, the best Bhai Dooj Gifts Online in India, and much more at the best prices in the market.

Alluring Bhai Dooj Box with Dry Fruits,Elegant Bhai Dooj Box, Azure Bhai Dooj Petite Box with Chocolate, Pink Bhai Dooj Petite Box with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate,Rajwada Wedding Shagun Envelope Set of 5, My Sweet Box (6-piece assorted chocolates), 24K Gold Foil Sagan Envelope (Set of 12) are some of the amazing Bhai Dooj Gifts Online in India you will find on our website.

Even if you are away from your brother, send Bhai Dooj tikka to India by simply placing the order today. Celebrate this auspicious occasion just like the way you used, by continuing the rituals of exchanging these Bhai Dooj tikka online gifts, and celebrate Diwali like never before.

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