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Buy Vastu Items for Home Online at Best Price from My Pooja Box

Planning to decorate your home with items that aren’t only beautiful but bring good luck? Do you know there are many items in Vastu Shastra that despite elevating the aesthetics bring peace and happiness? My Pooja Box brings you a selective range of vastu items for home.

Buddha statue for divinity
Keeping buddha figurines at your main entrance is the best way to give your home a decorative look. It not only shields your abode against negative vibes but invites prosperity when placed in the east direction.

Add vastu paintings for good luck
According to vastu, jazzing up your room with paintings bring good luck. Work of art showing running horses, flowing river, waterfall etc. are good for attracting prosperity. Living space low or nil in fire element should have sunrise or candle paintings.

Vastu yantras for dosha nivaran
Certain vastu yantras are a great way to remove vastu doshas while adding an element of beauty to your home. We have vastu items like Maruti Yantra, Guru Yantra, Navgraha, Shani, Vashikaran and Mahalakshmi Yantras that you can use to fulfil specific purposes.

Tortoise and meru yantras
Amid our wide vastu items for home, you’ll find a curated list of tortoises and meru yantras online. Whether you want to shoo away negative forces or succeed in life, these articles ensure maximum benefits.

Shop vastu items for home online
My Pooja Box brings you hand-picked vastu shastra items for your house online. Place these items and maintain the good vibes in and around.

Browse through our collection to shop vastu items for home. We also have a curated assortment of feng shui articles that help you maintain good chi and bring prosperity.

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