Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

Buy Laughing Buddha Online from My Pooja Box

Looking to buy laughing Buddha online? My Pooja Box brings you a curated range brimming with varieties. As per Feng Shui, laughing buddha was a monk and known as Maitreya. He is one of the significant symbols of happiness and joy. Placing a statue of this jolly character is said to fill the environment with happiness and mirth. Not only in home but the figurine can be placed in business set ups as well.

Laughing Buddha figurine is always seen having a jolly expression. He is said to be a manifestation of good luck and prosperity. He’s seen holding ingots, golden ball, coins, sacks and other props that have different significance.

Significance of the Laughing Buddha Statue

Laughing buddha statue comes in different styles. However, each of them stands for good luck, positivity and prosperity. According to a myth, rubbing the belly of laughing buddha figurine great joy and mirth in one’s life. The figurine should be placed on a raised platform and should kept facing the main door.

We have ceramic laughing Buddha in store in attractive designs as well as colors. The figurine surrounded with five children represents protection to expectant couples or keep children in the family away from any hazard. The one holding coin or standing on the bed of coins denotes prosperity.

Be it gifting needs you want to cater to or have to decorate your home, laughing buddha statue is surely the best pick.

Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and contentment. It also brings good luck and wealth. You can pick this as one of your house decoration items as well as a gift for occasions like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, wedding anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, etc.

If you are looking for the best laughing Buddhas, check out My pooja Box collection.

Here are some of the most beautiful laughing buddhas you can pick;

Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Online with Swinging Fan Showpiece

This beautiful figurine of laughing buddha holding a swing is an absolute beauty. It’s the best home decor item as well as Diwali gifts for the family. The fan in the hands of the figurine keeps swinging.

Laughing Buddha with Dragon Tortoise on Bed of Wealth

Laughing Buddha on the tortoise and bed of wealth looks absolutely stunning. While laughing Buddha represents peacefulness and happiness, dragon tortoise stands for power and longevity.

You can also buy Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Crystal Pyramid that is useful in bringing positivity and helps in correcting Vastu.

So, look no further and buy laughing buddha statue online at the best prices in India from My Pooja Box.

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