5 Teachings of Buddha That Can Change Your Life

5 Teachings of Buddha

Elevate your home decor quotient by bringing in a Buddha statue that symbolizes harmony, peace, and tranquility. What can be better than a home decor gift that induces positivity and calmness! Along with being a go-to gift choice, Buddha statues and paintings incorporate Feng Shui elements that attract you towards his teachings. The growing popularity of Buddha teachings on life has increased the sales of Buddhi statues online by leaps and bounds. My Pooja Box is a leading online store offering a huge variety of attractive Buddha statues and paintings that can blend comfortably with any home decor themes. 

Buddha statues add beauty and elegance to the room along with positive serenity. A glimpse of symphony and spirituality radiated by the buddha statue nudges you towards his impeccable principles. Amazed by “The heart of the buddha's teachings” written by Thich Nhat Hanh, its readers are now living by Gautama buddha teachings. The Panchsheel or the five ethical teachings of Buddha form the basis of Buddhism.

Here are those 5 teachings of Buddha that will make your life meaningful:

1. Respect for life

Buddha preached that killing living beings is an act of disrespect for life. As every living being has a right to live, everyone should respect this right and avoid killing. This principle focuses on practicing love, compassion, and kindness. Many people who follow Buddhism respect this teaching by following a vegetarian lifestyle.

2. Respect for others' property

According to Buddha, everyone has the right to their property. Respecting others’ property and not possessing or acting on negative thoughts such as stealing is pertinent if an individual is planning to inculcate and practice virtues of renunciation and generosity.

3. Respect for our pure nature

Fidelity in marriage is sacred and any person violating the sanctity of this bond through sexual misconduct loses the highly held virtues of purity and faithfulness. To preserve and make a marriage strong, it is important to protect by practicing faithfulness, commitment, and contentment.

4. Respect for honesty

Honesty is the cornerstone of one’s integrity that respects and appreciates the need for being honest not only to oneself but to others too. Honesty is deeply interlinked with human dignity and one cannot survive without the other. An honest person will never misconstrue facts or resort to lying for personal gain or benefit.

5. Respect for a clear mind

A clear mind and a healthy body are instrumental in shaping one’s presence and future. Maintaining mindfulness and practising responsibility is essential to one’s personal development and growth. 

Buddhism and Science:

Many scholars believe that Buddha teaching and science share a correlation bond. For instance, both theories speak about mind and matter at the same time.  These principles will develop basic virtues in your life. Buddha always focused on one’s mindfulness, inner peace, and harmony in society. He believed that meditation can help in attaining these essentials. Modern science and health now believe that meditation is also a kind of treatment to eliminate neurological problems. Buddha's teachings mainly preach that kindness, compassion and loyalty are the values that grow inwards while you practice them outwards. This means when you are kind to others, you are being calm on the inside. On the other hand, modern science says hatred, cruelty, and dishonesty are self-destructive elements of your nature. All these theories point at the same truth that a better life needs better virtues, all of which are the focal point in Buddha's teachings. Hence buddha teaching and science are an integrational part of well being. 

Why should you buy a Buddha statue?

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Buddha is a symbol of calmness, positivity, and well being. By buying a buddha statue or a painting you will bring in positive energy into your home. Buddha statues and paintings not only enhance the decor of the home but also develop a serene environment. The Japanese principles in Feng Shui believe that buddha statues also benefit in academic progress, financial stability, and usher good luck, prosperity, and harmony. You can place buddha in living rooms, garden spaces, offices, reception counters, study rooms, and in your vehicles. But before placing, always learn about the right directions to place them so that you can acquire maximum benefit. They also make a great gift option. By gifting Buddha statues and painting, you are inducing peace and harmony in their life. Buddha is worth the investment as it brings so many benefits to you.

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