Buddha Idols

Buddha Idols

Buy Buddha Statue Online In India

Looking for ways to elevate the interior décor of your home? Add a touch of peace and tranquillity with the highest quality Buddha statues you can buy online within India. The meditative energy of Buddha statues is sure to give your home a comforting sensation of peace & tranquillity.

Buddha statues often depict Buddha sitting with his eyes closed in a meditative position. He is known to renunciate the luxuries of life and adopt the path of salvation. Placing divine figurines of Lord Buddha in any setting will help glorify the surroundings instantly. My Pooja Box helps you buy Buddha statues for both home décor and religious use.

Buy Brass, Ceramic And Marble Buddha Statues For Home Decor –

Our unique collection of Buddha statues for home décor features materials like white marble, high quality brass and of course durability focused ceramics. These idols come in different styles and designs allowing you to find exactly what works for your home. Some will depict Buddha lying down in an elegant manner while others may show Buddha in his meditative postures.

Our range of Buddha Statues is as versatile as it can get. From black, white, golden and green, you can take your pick from oodles of colours available in our selection. Be it classic or modern interior décor themes, the peaceful presence of a Buddha statue and Buddhism inspired décor is always bound to add a spiritually elegant touch to your living space.

Explore Gautam Buddha Statues Online at My pooja Box–

While a Buddha idol will help you bring home a sensation of peace and tranquillity, it’s actually the idol of Siddhartha Gautama who can help eliminate any suffering you’re experiencing in life. That’s right, while the Buddha is the symbol of peace, Gautam Buddha statues are best known for their ability to alleviate suffering from one’s life.

Which is why, My Pooja Box has been sure to include Gautam Buddha Statues in our online collection. Just like our other Buddhist idols, we offer a wide range of colours, themes and designs for you to choose from.

Water Fountain Buddha Statue Online –

One of the more unique products we have within our range of Buddha statues for home décor, comes in the form of Buddha statues that double as water fountains. These exquisite showpieces are electric water fountains that come with a Buddha idol as the centrepiece.

The soothing sound of flowing water coupled with the unique designs and Buddha statues ensures your interior ambience is as peaceful as it could possibly be. Not only that, these water fountains are highly durable and consume marginal amounts of electricity.

Buddha Home Décor Accessories –

We know the level of devotion people have for Buddha. That’s why our collection even houses unique Buddha home accessories like Buddha head aroma diffusers, exquisite Buddha engraved lanterns, Buddha wall art and a whole lot more. Allowing our hardcore devotees to add Buddhas presence to their interior space, however and wherever they’d like.

So, whether you’re looking for marble Buddha statues for home décor or Buddha inspired water fountains, you can find it all here on our online store. So, get browsing and bring home the peaceful energy you deserve.

Shop Beautiful Lord Buddha Idol for Home Décor

Buddha symbolizes love, compassion, riches, and happiness. There is a perfect balance of thought as well as tranquillity and a formation of unique inner qualities and traits that develop on natural occurrences like birth, death, peace, destruction, and so on. One of the significant festivals of the Buddhist is the Buddha Jayanti where virtues like compassion and non-violence are honoured.

Buddha also holds a great place among certain Hindu communities and families and they consider a Buddha idol to bring good fortune into the family. There is a wide collection of buddha statues online. Shop for Buddha idols online at MyPoojaBox. Here are some Buddha statues for home.

1. Laughing Buddha with Dragon Tortoise on Bed of Wealth

The laughing Buddha represents happiness and prosperity. On the other hand, the dragon symbolizes success, determination, and courage whereas the tortoise symbolizes long life. This idol also represents wealth and heritage.

2. Howlite & Rose Quartz Bracelet with Buddha and Angel Wings

This beautiful bracelet can be considered as one of the best rakhi gifts for your sister. It is a combination of Rose Quartz that stands for unconditional self-love, familial love, and romantic love and Howlite heightens memory and the desire for knowledge. It also helps to calm oneself, and ease stress. This is extremely necessary to carry forward any relation. It comes with a beautiful angel wing and Buddha bead for protection and happiness.

3. Handcrafted Antique Wooden Buddha Lantern

This is an exquisite Buddha idol for home décor. It can be either hung or placed on the platform. The best location to place this beautiful handcrafted wooden lantern is in your puja room. It is not the typical Buddha design that one finds but a rare handcrafted design with the Buddha idol engraved into it. Considering its beautiful design, this Buddha idol has a very reasonable rate.

4. Handcrafted T-Light Lantern and Backflow Incense Holder

This is a stunning combination of a handcrafted lantern and a little Buddha incense holder. This beautiful piece of home décor is made of metal and ceramic. Like the former, this is another one of those rare collections of lanterns. The plus side of it is, along with the engraved Buddha lantern, a miniature Buddha is also provided. This adorable Buddha is also used as an incense holder. This beautiful piece can be considered as one of the best Diwali gifts for family and friends.

5. Serene Buddha T-light & Incense Holder

This is a perfect Buddha idol for home. You can either buy it for yourself or present it as a gift. This elegant, antique-looking statue has a perfect combination of purity and tranquillity. This idol comes with incense and a candle holder. Bring joy, prosperity, love, and happiness into your blessed family with a perfect Buddha statue.

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