7 Vastu Items for Home that Excite Positive Energy and Bring Good Luck

Vastu Items for Home

Looking for Vastu items for home? Want to create positive surroundings around your home? Vastu- the ancient architectural technique advises using specific items to improve the positive energy in and around the home.

As we always come up with good tips and suggestions to transform your living space. Once again, we’re here with a list of Vastu yantras and items perfect for your home.

Let’s check them out.

Vastu Item – Shri Meru Yantra

Shri Meru Yantra is one of the most significant yantras in Vastu Shastra. It’s an energized tool for wealth and prosperity. Placing it at home means the shower of good fortune. It is also said to eradicate negative influences and pave the way for abundance.

Shri Meru Yantra

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However, people often get confused as which is the right direction for meru yantra. Don’t worry, we’re here for your rescue.

You can place it anywhere but make sure the face of the yantra should be in the West direction. Keep it in the east direction of your home for positive energy flow.

Vastu Item- Laughing Buddha

In both Feng Shui and Vastu, laughing buddha statue holds greater significance. Placing it at home has greater benefits. While it makes the surroundings peaceful, it removes negative influences and brings prosperity.

Laughing Buddha Idol for Good Luck

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Laughing Buddha statues come in variety of designs. Each of them should be placed accordingly to yield benefits.

Here is a guide that will help you place different laughing buddha idols perfectly.

Buddha carrying a wo lu: Place this figurine of Laughing Buddha in the east direction in case your entrance is facing East, or the main door is in the same direction.

Buddha with gold coins or sack: Place this statue in the Northwest direction of your home. In case your main door faces the north-east, then keep it near the main door. In case your toilet or kitchen is in the same direction, place the statue in the south east direction.

Laughing Buddha with dragon tortoise: Place this statue just behind your sitting area in the office. At home, place this figurine in the north direction.

Crystal laughing Buddha: Crystal Buddha figurine should be placed in the centre of your home. You can also place it in the north east direction of your living space.

Vastu Item- Vastu Dosh Nivaran Tortoise

Want to correct the vastu doshas of your home or office? A tortoise kavach yantra would be the perfect remedy. Keeping it in home or office is said to nullify the doshas and make the surroundings favourable.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Tortoise

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You can place it either in the Southeast or Northeast direction of your home or office.

Vastu Item – Gomati Chakra Tree

Gomati chakra tree is one of the important vastu items for your home. It is believed to be the abode of Goddess Laxmi. As it resembles Sudarshan Chakra it is said to relate to Lord Vishnu too. Place it in your home for good fortune and prosperity. To remove vastu doshas, place this tree in the south east direction or your home or office.

Vastu Item- Horse Shoe Amulet or Hanging

Whether you want to appease Lord Shani or bring good fortune, the horseshoe is the best vastu item for your home. According to astrology, hanging horseshoe at your entrance wards off evil spirits and evil eye.

Horse Shoe Amulet or Hanging

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Hang it at your entrance if the main door faces north, west or northwest. A horseshoe with evil eye beads and black thread is said to be very effective.

Vastu Item- Elephant with Tortoise Figurine

Elephant figurine with tortoise has greater significance in both vastu and feng shui point of view. It’s an auspicious symbol and when placed correctly it yields greater results. It’s symbolizes good luck, longevity, dignity, success and wisdom.

Placing at the front doors brings good luck. A pair of elephants kept inside the bedroom fosters relationships between the couples.

Keeping it in kid’s room brings knowledge and success. Elephant with tortoise signifies prosperity as both creatures are auspicious in terms of Feng Shui and Vastu.

Vastu Item- Three Golden Owls

Owl figurine in golden shade is considered auspicious both in feng shui and vastu shastra. The figurine not only looks beautiful from décor’s point of view but brings positive changes too. It removes bad energy and brings prosperity too.


Vastu items are the great source of positive energy in our houses. You can even gift some of the above mentioned items to your friends, family, and relatives. One more thing, you should be extremely careful about the vastu items you should never gift someone.

So, tell us which vastu item you are going to use in your home or gift someone?

Keep in touch to know more tips.

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Hi my home is east facing, living room South east , bed room South west & north east,kitchen north west & out side stair in north east direction. Kindly advice


Hi my room is in south east direction it is not possible to change the room .My mindis always restless and iam reluctant to get married .what remedies can i do



M.kshirasagar Lakshmi Narayan

We are one of the leading vastu consultants in India and abroad….
So far we never use these vastu dosh niwarn products…we do follow the basic vastu principles and get the desired results.
Many people ask these products..my queries
Is these products works?
What are all the products you have
What is cost of the products.
We may required in bulk..

M.k.sagar Lakshminarayan

Hi, our door direction is towards East, horse shoe in which direction to be kept. suggest me pls.


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