Eco Friendly Rakhi

Eco Friendly Rakhi

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Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of a relationship of promise. A promise of protecting each other through obstacles in life. It is true that the rakhis symbolize a pact of protection, but ironically they create a lot of damage to the environment as well. These rakhis are made of non-biodegradable materials which makes it impossible to decompose hence increase in depletion of our resources. So the need for switching to eco-friendly rakhis is very important and absolutely necessary. We know that you would want to have the best-looking rakhi for your sibling. My POOJA BOX ensures with its variety of designs that you do not have to curtail on your design choices while going eco-friendly.

Why should you go for Eco-friendly Rakhis?

Eco-friendly rakhis could be the solution to this problem and might help us reduce a higher chunk of waste dumped during the festive season of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan symbolizes protection. You take a vow to protect your sibling forever. If your livelihood changes entirely due to pollution, what are you protecting your sibling from? We have to protect our environment as well.

The eco-friendly rakhis are made of 100% natural and herbal ingredients. Tulsi and carrot seeds form part of the ingredients. This means that they are environmentally harmless.

Environmentally friendly rakhis, unlike plastic, are made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials. Tulsi and carrot seeds are the ingredients. Everything is made from recycled paper from the thread to the box. These are gifts as they come in beautiful luxury kits with unique gifts such as plants, pencils, tomatoes, and marigold seeds. Coir planting, organic fertilizer, postcards, and name tags are personalized. Some of those unique rakhis are plantable, so you can only put them directly into a pot, provide them with sunlight and plenty of water. If you feel like throwing them away, you know that they will not harm the environment; rather, they will decay into manure or turn into a plant.

Plantable seed rakhi is made of natural, soft, organic cotton yarn and seeds that are finally converted into a plant. Every year, approximately fifty million people from around the world celebrate Raksha Bandhan, but do we ever wonder what ends the rakhi after this big festival? Add millions of tonnes of garbage to the waste.

My POOJA BOX brings you a rakhi that can be planted and planted to help India become greener and cleaner. From an environmental perspective, we have seen positive results as there has been quite a demand for seed rakhi online.

Rakhi symbolises a sacred thread that also grows as love between their brothers and sisters. Eco-friendly rakhis are made from recycled paper, natural colors, and seeds, seed rakhis sprout into the soil in 4 to 6 days.

These days, Lumba Rakhis are becoming enormously popular. It is designed for the wife of your brother, who in Hindu traditions are also called Bhabhi. 'Lumba' is the 'bangle,', especially in Marwari. So Rakhi is known as Lumba Rakhi tied on the strap.

Why Buy Eco-friendly Handcrafted Rakhis from My POOJA BOX

We have flower rakhis made up of organic materials that come with various designs and various colors. Our Om rakhis and bejeweled rakhis have a niche audience as you can throw away the strings as they do not create any pollution and keep the stone at your praying place. You can do the same for our auspicious rudraksha rakhi and our ravishing jhumki rakhis. They are eco-friendly, and you can preserve these items as a memento of this auspicious occasion.

Going eco-friendly today goes far beyond traditional recycled goods definitions; the word "go green" means more than just recycling.

What is the hype of going eco-friendly?

Going eco-friendly means living in an earth-friendly way. The planet and its natural systems and resources could also contribute to the maintenance of the natural ecological balance within its environment. In general, people who go green take steps to minimize the harm to the environment as they are leaving behind carbon footprints.

Without spending a lot of money, you can become environmentally friendly. Firstly, by adopting green policies, such as recycling, you can start to change from the inside. We have found ways to involve our audiences in our green policies by selling our eco-friendly rakhis at an affordable price.

We Deliver Eco Friendly Rakhis all over India

You can send rakhi online to any part of the country and encourage them to go eco-friendly. Order your favorite Eco-friendly Rakhi online with My POOJA BOX and get your product delivered with minimum hassle. With your Eco-friendly Rakhi online order, you can track the delivery of the product so that you don't miss out on it. The company has an easy refund and replacement policy as well for the customers, which makes transactions and returns with Mypoojabox seamless. This Rakshabandhan let the distance between siblings not be an obstacle for the celebration of this wholesome occasion.

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