Showpiece Gifts

Showpiece Gifts

Shop Classy Handpicked Showpiece Gifts Online at MyPoojaBox

It might not seem as important as it should, but showpieces and home décor items play a vital role in bringing a fresh and classy appeal to any living space. You would be surprised to see how quickly a figurine can alter the way your bedroom looks and add charm and colors to it. Whether you have shifted to a new house or looking to spruce up your current one, you will find plenty of options at My Pooja Box to make any living space a trendy and attractive one.

Showpieces aren’t just great for home décor; they work as a great gifting option too. Showpiece gifts are really popular these days because they look luxurious and expensive and can be bought as per your budget preferences. Be it showpiece gifts for birthday or showpiece gifts for wedding, you will find a plethora of options to suit various occasions.

Plenty of Showpiece Gifts to Choose From

At My Pooja Box, there is an array of options available when it comes to picking figurines and each idol has its own significance and charm. Lord Ganesha idol is known to bring positive energy to the home. Lord Ganesha's idol made of wood helps in bringing good health, long life, and success to the worshippers. Ganesha Idol made of brass brings immense prosperity and joy to the people concerned and that is why it is considered one of the best showpiece gifts for weddings. Place the idol in such a way that his face is towards the house and not the entrance and do not place him in a bedroom.

You can get Lord Ganesha idol here online in marble, glass, or wood. Each design oozes with an authentic charm that makes it a one of a kind showpiece gift.

Showpiece Gifts for Birthday

A birthday is one of the most important days for most people. So to give them a unique and heartfelt gift is necessary. Sometimes you might find yourself short of options as to what to give them that can set your gift apart. You can choose from a variety of showpiece gifts for birthday available at My Pooja Box and make the day extra special and memorable.

Whether you want something for your friend, colleague, family member or even partner, showpieces like Kamdhenu figurine or brass owl have a class of their own and look quite mesmerizing which are easily available here.

What are the Showpiece Options available?

Feng Shui Tortoise – A tortoise is gifted with a long life. That's why a Feng Shui Tortoise signifies wishing the receiver a long and prosperous life. Placing the tortoise at the very entrance of your home is known to safeguard the house from negative energy. Placing it near an aquarium or water bowl enhances the power of a tortoise. Keeping it near your bed helps cure insomnia and also alleviates anxiety. If your kid is afraid of sleeping alone, Feng Shui tortoise can be placed near his/her bed.

Radha Krishna Idol – Radha Krishna idol is linked with love and compassion. When we place it in our house, it is said to ignite love and passion between couples. According to Vastu Shastra, placing a Radha Krishna painting opposite the main entrance helps keep stress away from your married life and prevent issues that might create tension. If you are planning to get married, place a Radha Krishna Idol in your room as it can help you get a loving life partner.

Buddha Statue – Buddha idol is known to bring peace, harmony, and calmness to the house and that is why it is one of the most common show-pieces that people exchange as gifts during birthdays, anniversary or any special occasion. Remember not to place the statue on the floor and always place it at a height where a person can see it at eye level. Keep the room clean and ensure that the statue’s face is pointed towards the entrance of the room. A Buddha statue is known to balance the yin yang energy in your house and keeping it in your home ensures you lead a positive lifestyle.

Horse Statue – Horses represent energy and it is believed that by looking at them one is inspired to move forward in life. They also help you achieve health, happiness, and prosperity. While placing a horse statue in your house, remember to keep its face pointed towards a door or window which is said to invite good energies into your home. Placing a pair of horses in the bedroom helps strengthen the bond between the couple. Horse statue with Saddle is said to remove negativity from home and thus makes for a great gift for any loved one.

Why should you invest in Good quality Show Pieces?

Showpieces can never lose their importance as home décor and gift items. With time and innovation, we have seen a huge change in the way we buy and gift them. At My Pooja Box, you get access to superior quality Gods and Goddess idols or home décor pieces made of marble, glass, or wood to enhance the outlook of any living space. What makes them special is our promise to pay attention to every little detail that makes the result all more charming and captivating.

Whether it is a show-piece for your own home or as a gift, it is recommended to purchase a good quality one as they look luxurious when given as a gift which shows that you care. Needless to say, they enhance the overall look of your house as well.

Browse through the collection online at MyPoojaBox and pick the best gift items for you or your loved ones today and wish them good luck, health, and prosperity.

Home is just not a place where we dwell but an abode of magic that lets us forget our worries and sit back to relax oneself with our loved ones. Then don’t you think you need to elevate the beauty of your pretty house with showpiece items for home and make it more welcoming? Yes, it's now time to shower some love towards your “Home Sweet Home”.

Without burning a hole to your pocket, you can now decorate your home with the antique showpiece for the living room available only at MyPoojaBox. We are here to help you narrow down your choice, select the suitable one to buy showpiece gift items online in India.

Pocket-friendly showpiece gift items

It is fairly confusing to not just get your hands on the right Showpiece Gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding but also to select the one that is truly appreciated & loved by the receiver. You can try out our collection of Cute Mini Monk Set of 4, Divine Krishna Flute Hand With Golden Feather, other items.

Apart from antique showpieces for the living room, we are here with amazing Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards that range from Rs.1500/- to Rs.3000/-. Easy to redeem, these gift cards can be gifted to your loved ones when you have no time to go out to search for gifts.

Enjoy easy and stressful shopping

On visiting our online shopping portal, all you will experience is easy door-step delivery within India and to different countries, a wide assortment of home décor gifts, antique showpieces for the living room and so much more. Designed by the team of adroit artisans, we at MyPoojaBox with our Bal Ganesha idol, Antique Buddha Statue, etc with a rustic hint add a touch of divinity to your space.

Offering a huge variety of Showpiece Gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Special Rakhi gifts for your lovely sister, or as corporate Diwali gifts for your employees, we at MyPoojaBox have them all. Place an order today and get your favorite items delivered right to your doorsteps and enjoy hassle-free payment systems.

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