10 Beautiful House Decoration Items You Shouldn’t Miss!

House Decoration

Clueless about how to decorate your home? Whether you’re redoing it or planning to move to a new place, take inspiration from our easy house decorating ideas. Supplement it with small details or add unique decorative items for a complete makeover for your abode to scream ‘WOW’!

We know, some of you might be looking desperately for helpful tips, ideas or inspirations to get started with. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 out-of-the-box house decoration ideas and items.

So, here we go-


Radha Krishna Photo – Add A Flair of Eternal Love


Radha Krishna Photo

Give your living space a flair of eternal love by decorating it with Radha Krishna images. Either you choose a framed photo from a gallery nearby or order a picture, photo or image online. Whether it’s a prized painting, wallpaper, or just an idol of Radha Krishna, it will make a great item for house decoration purposes!

Full size to small, you can pick any photo or picture and supplement your space with a flair of eternal love these two stand for.

Tip- Hang Radha Krishna photo on the South wall facing the North direction. You can hand God Krishna and Goddess Radha’s picture in the bedroom for marital bliss.


Unique Wall Hanging – Adorn the Empty Walls


Wall Hanging

No home decoration is complete if the walls are left empty. Walls give you blank canvas to fill the colours of your choice. Go creative with unique wall hangings and breathe a new life into your walls. No worries, if you want to decorate your walls on budget.

You want to make your place cozy without giving up on its aesthetic appeal, right? Infuse your decor with antique brass hangings. The intricate design with carvings of Gods’ and Goddesses’ will elevate the feel and look of your home.

Even you can add tapestry, wall rugs and more to jazz up the empty walls of your home.

Tip- Position small in centre with large ones surrounding it for an artistic flair.


Laughing Buddha Statues - Auspiciously Aesthetically Appealing


Laughing Buddha

Another item in our house decoration list is- Laughing Buddha statue. Often preferred by people as good luck or feng shui items, laughing Buddha figurines make great home adornments too. Place its strategically in the corner of your home not only to brighten up the ambiance but to garner benefits.

Laughing Buddha statue not only brings prosperity but elevates the appeal of a home too.

Tip- Place laughing Buddha figurine facing the entrance. Ensure placing it on an elevated stool or place from where you can see it at eye level.


Laxmi Ganesh Murti – Auspicious and Decorative


 Laxmi Ganesh Murti

Laxmi Ganesh idols made in silver, brass, soil or gold-plated metal is significant from home decoration point of view too. Those who have a keen interest for antique figurines can highlight their abode with antique states of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi.

Install them in the pooja room or place them strategically at the entrance, in both ways these figurines will elevate the essence of living space.

Tip- Collect these figurines in every metal and every shape for an amazing home decor.


Wind Chimes – Tinkling Jingling Decoration


 Wind Chime

Be it outdoor or indoor decoration, wind chimes make great decorative items. Talk of benefits and you’ll be amazed to know these tinkling showpieces help attract positive energy! However, there are different materials that you need to take care of while adorning your living space.

Metal, wood, bamboo or ceramic, whichever wind chime you pick, it will go long ways in bringing out the aesthetic appeal of your abode. But here are some rules to ponder upon-

Hang metal chimes in the west direction, wooden in the east, south-east or south direction, and ceramic in south west, centre and north-east direction.

Tip- Hang wind chimes near windows or doors for both decorative and utilitarian purposes.


Decorative Plates – Express your Creativity


 Decorative Plate

Decorative plates are perfect home accents. Place them on your table or put them simply on a shelf to accentuate that particular space. Or arrange many decorative plates in various sizes for a festive decor purposes. Decorating your home with plates is a wonderful solution during special events. How about jazzing up the puja room with a perfectly decorated plate?

Even you can jazz up your empty walls by hanging plates with family pictures? It’s easy, inexpensive and creative!


Candle Stand - Prettify the Arena


 Candle Stand

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas is know for harnessing the exquisiteness of candles, candle stands and tea light holders.

How about giving the same touch to your living space? Candle stands make one of the best home decorative items. Available in a variety of materials, they make great accents for any room of your home. Don’t worry about design as it comes in minimal modern design to intricate traditional styles.

Tip- Place them on your dinner table or in living area for a soothing atmosphere.


Feng Shui Turtle – Decoration with a Purpose


 Feng Shui Turtle

Beautify your living space with small accents like feng shui turtle or tortoise. They come in many designs with some in layered form, some having coins on the back, and so on. As a tortoise signifies celestial animal in Feng Shui, placing it at home brings good luck, longevity and prosperity. Not to forget, it augments the interiors too.

From crystal feng shui turtles to brass, oyster-shelled and ceramic turtles, pick one that goes well with your needs.

Tip- Place it in such a way that it faces the main door.


Tea Light Candles – Versatile Adornment


 Tea Light Candle

The versatile tiny candle, when it comes to decoration, has a lot to offer! Use it not only on festivals like Diwali, but on a regular day to add pizzas to your house decoration. The self-contained tiny metal candle, when put on a decorative holder, upgrades the aura with its flickering flame. Don’t want to light it, no problem, it still has a lot to offer!

Just arrange colorful tea light candles in a decorative plate and place it on a table or at an area of your choice.

Tip- Collect non-fragrant to fragrant or aromatic tealight candles and place them as per your likes.


Puja Mandir – Adulation, Decoration Sorted


 Puja Mandir Online

Got a little temple space in your home? Supplement the look while keeping auspiciousness on high with a puja mandir. Whether metal or wooden, a temple for home is fit for both decorative and worshipping purposes.

Install it in your puja space or at a place of your choice to decorate your abode.

Tip- place a mandir in North-East direction for greater benefits.

All the above decorative items are sure to brighten up your house decoration task! Stay in touch for more tips, ideas and inspirations.

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