Haldi Ceremony – Hindu Weddings – 5 Reasons Why

haldi wedding ceremony

Indian weddings in recent years have gotten increasingly famous worldwide due to their ability to bring tradition & flamboyance together. This trend has created a lot of interest in the ceremonies that are a part of Indian weddings, both in and outside India. So, today we will talk about one of the most famous Hindu wedding traditions, The Haldi Ceremony.

What is the Haldi Ceremony? And why is it celebrated? Well, lets do this one at a time shall we… The Haldi ceremony is a marriage tradition that’s been a part of Hindu culture for centuries. Haldi or Turmeric is said to have powerful properties according to ancient text. These powerful properties are said to help fend off evil entities and grant the bride and groom safe passage into & through their married life.

Now that you’ve got the basic gist of it. Let’s look at why this ceremony is celebrated.

1) Fear No Evil – As discussed above, the main reason why Hindus perform this ceremony is to protect the bride & groom from any evil or bad luck that may befall them. It is believed that the application of a mixture of turmeric, oil & water on the bodies of the soon to be wed gives them a layer of protection. Various variations of the mixture are used across unique cultures within. For example, some may mix turmeric with sandalwood & milk while others use rose water for the same.

What is the Haldi Ceremony?

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2) Purify the Body – Haldi is well known for its medical properties. This mainly deals with detoxifying the body using Haldi or Turmeric. It acts as an antiseptic of sorts and helps remove any unwanted bacteria & toxins leaving your skin clear as day! Haldi is even known to strengthen skin, thus protecting it against cuts & bruising.

3) Shine Bright Like A Diamond – As a result of the above point, haldi helps your skin look like it’s emitting its own glow. Applying a face mask of haldi helps fight off acne & it’s anti-inflammatory properties that target your pores keeping your skin as smooth as it is soft. Not only that, it helps scars heal at a much faster rate than they normally would.

why is haldi wedding ceremony celebrated?

4) Yellow, yellow clean as day fellow – Indian culture considers yellow to be one of the most auspicious colors. It is said to symbolize prosperity & opulence, something everyone hopes for whether they are married or not. This is why you see so many traditional outfits in the color yellow. Yellow is also a color that has long been associated to new beginnings, making it the perfect color for newlyweds!

haldi wedding ceremony

5) Helping the unmarried find love – Yes, now we’re coming into the seriously superstitious side of things. But then again, what’s tradition & culture without a touch of superstition. Anyway, it’s said that simply attending the Haldi ceremony and having the bride & groom apply a bit of haldi on your face helps you find love or helps your parents find YOU love. Either way works, I guess.

Now of course this isn’t only why we celebrate Haldi in Hindu weddings. Like all other traditions in Hindu Weddings, there is a fair share of music, laughter & energy that has been and always will be the life and soul of our wedding culture.

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