15 Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2024

Latest Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2021

Diwali or also known as Deepavali is one of the auspicious festivals celebrated in India with fervor, joy, and excitement welcoming the good over bad. Well-decorated and simple rangoli designs for Diwali when paired with fresh flowers or candles not just showcase your creativity but also are an inviting factor this festive season.

Let your personalized Rangoli speak our right Hindu culture, tradition, and tradition with this timeless style of decoration. Welcome, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kuber, and Goddess Laxmi with these 15 Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2023. Explore them now!!

1. Floral Rangoli - 

Floral Rangoli is one of the most trending and evergreen Rangoli designs that not only adorn the beauty of your Vastu but are also easy to create.

simple Floral Rangoli design For Diwali

2. Rangoli using a fork - 

Grab some colors and a fork to create lovely flowers and petals. Drop small dots of Rangoli and drag the same Rangoli with a fork for an amazing pattern.

easy Rangoli design by using a fork


3. Welcome Rangoli - 

Featuring WELCOME at the entrance, this Rangoli made from vibrant colors, Diyas, and flowers appeal extremely inviting to your guests and relatives.

Welcome Rangoli For Diwali


4. Rangoli with Diyas - 

This is one of the latest rangoli designs for Diwali which can be created just by placing a number of Diyas in the form of attractive Rangoli designs.

Rangoli with Diyas

5. Semi-circle Rangoli design - 

If you have a limited area to draw Rangoli at your home or office, then this style of beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali is here to accentuate your Home Sweet Home.

Semi-circle Rangoli design

6. Corner Rangoli design - 

Let the special corner in your house appeal gorgeous just like your abode with the beautiful Rangoli meant for only those favorite corners which are generally not paid much attention to.

Corner Rangoli design

7. Auspicious Peacock Rangoli - 

Symbolizing prosperity, compassion, and luck, this Rangoli featuring peacock appeals eye-catching and spread positive vibes in the festive celebration.

Auspicious Peacock Rangoli

8. Dotted Rangoli - 

If you are looking for some of the easy rangoli designs for Diwali, then there can be no other Rangoli than the prettiest dotted one. This Rangoli can be made with chalk or white Rangoli by dotting 5, 10, 20, and even more, dots to create beautiful geometrical patterns.

Dotted Rangoli design for diwali

9. Mandala Rangoli - 

If you are a true Mandala art lover, then this Rangoli creating a visual effect with its geometric or grid-like patterns can be drawn with chalk to create the base, on which you can furthermore add colors.

Mandala Rangoli

10. Abstract Ganpati Rangoli - 

Lord Ganpati is the symbol of prosperity, happiness, wisdom, and knowledge which you can draw in the form of Rangoli in from of the house, pooja room, or living room.

Abstract Ganpati Rangoli

11. Diya shaped Rangoli - 

Diyas are the most simple and adorable designs you can draw at the entrance, balcony, living room, pooja space, etc, and place small candles around for special effect.

Diya shaped Rangoli

12. Rangoli with colorful Sand - 

Extremely appealing and easy to make this is one of the simplest rangoli designs for Diwali 2023 you can try this festive season. Make use of the vibrant colored.

Rangoli with colorful Sand

13. Water Rangoli - 

For this Rangoli, all you need to do is to fill the bowl with water, then spread a spoon of oil to make the Rangoli stick. Spread the Rangoli gently to create lovely patterns.

Water Rangoli

14. Rangoli with grains - 

Another simple rangoli designs for Diwali is to use pulses, cereals, and grains. Yes, adding a small amount of edible color to the grains and transforming them into lovely Rangolis is sure to make itself stand out.

Rangoli with grains

15. Pearls and stones Rangoli - 

Want to dazzle up your home with something unique this Diwali? Make use of some of the shiny stones, pearls, beads, and create an amazing floral pattern for beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali.

Pearls and stones Rangoli

Conclusion: Rangoli is one of the main attractions of any Indian festival which comes in a number of styles, patterns, shapes, floral, and so many eye-catching designs. Try out these cute and easy rangoli designs for Diwali to welcome home the Supreme deities.

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