Krishna / Laddu Gopal Idols

Krishna / Laddu Gopal Idols

Buy Krishna / Laddu Gopal Idols

Krishna Janmashtami is one of the auspicious festivals celebrated with immense enthusiasm, and fervor. Rejoicing the birth anniversary of Ladoo Gopal, this festival comes with exchanging Krishna Janmashtami gifts, adoring the puja space with Lord Krishna murti, decor items, etc.

MyPoojaBox delights you with an amazing shopping experience by offering a wide range of Showpiece gifts, adorable Krishna Idols, and a few other handcrafted items.

Available at affordable prices, MyPoojaBox has designed personalized decor items that uplift the spirit of festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi & others.

Perfect to surprise your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, or on housewarming ceremonies, here are some exciting plethora of gift items. Have a look...!!

Holy Golden Radha Krishna Square Wall Hanging

Dealing with relationship issues with your partner? Grab your hands on this Radha Krishna Photo Online easily available only at MyPoojaBox. As the gorgeous Radha-Krishna pair stands for unending care, affection, and an epitome of love, hanging such a pretty frame in your bedroom not only ornament the look of the Vastu but also blooms-up the love between the couple.

Laddu Gopal Backflow Incense Burner

Creating a smoky waterfall of the lit Dhoop, this incense burner makes it perfect for any housewarming ceremony. The fragrance of the incense cone fills in the Vastu with serenity and positivity. Eliminating the evil energies in the house, the delightful scent also calms you physically and psychologically.

Divine Flute With Krishna's Peacock Feather

Symbolizing eternal love towards Radha, this glossy piece of decor made from premium quality polyresin is an ideal option for gifting the one you love. With a golden or silver feather attached, the flute is said to wipe out the Vastu defects, negativity and invite peace, & abundance.

Elegant Golden Laddu Gopal Singhasan

Make this Krishna Janmashtami much more special for the naughty, joyful and mischievous, Lord Krishna with something special. Honoring the essence of the festival, this Singhasan comforts and honors the Supreme Lord. Choose one of the best Krishna Idols and handcrafted Singhasan available on MyPoojaBox.

Hare Krishna Musical Chanting Mantra

Hare Rama Hare Krishna is a simple yet highly effective mantra in the Hindu culture. Possessing an outstanding level of energy, every word in this mantra holds significance. “Hare” symbolizes the energy of the Lord, “Krishna” refers to the Lord who is all-attractive, and “Rama” is the Supreme enjoyer or reservoir of pleasure. Transforming and purifying oneself with, this mantra promises to instantly relieve you from stress and problems. Picking this gift for your grandfather is sure to surprise them.

Stunning Framed Bal Gopal Krishna Hand-Painted Tanjore Painting

Planning to surprise your sister-in-law at a baby shower? Nothing can replace this stunning frame of the cute-little Bal Gopal that keeps the mother-to-be and the baby happy, and joyful all the time. Jazzing-up those empty walls, this frame showcasing hand-painted Tanjore art is one of the unique Showpiece gifts you can give to your near and dear ones.

Ensuring quick home delivery with no hassles for payment, MyPoojaBox makes the festive celebrations even more cherishable. Grab the collection of curated Krishna Janmashtami gifts, outstanding decor items, and Radha Krishna Photo Online, Ladoo Gopal, Lord Krishna murti & much more available at MyPoojaBox and bring home the happiness and a wave of positivity.

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