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Our online collection of incense sticks and agarbatti stands is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This selection of agarbatti stand holders has a large variety of designs, fragrances etcetera, ranging from simple and generic stands to stunningly beautiful pieces that could easily be mistaken for home décor. Be it handmade brass agarbatti stands, smokey incense water falls that create a magical flow of vapor or unique multipurpose handcrafted incense stick holders, there is something for everyone.

The selection offered by us is both traditional & unique in terms of style & design. Inspired by the arts & crafts of ancient India & its surrounding regions, these incense sticks, holders and décor alike are sourced from local artisans who know how to capture the true essence of Indian & Asian culture. These are artisans that create unique designs & patterns that make our selection stand out from that of regular brick and water stores.

If the variations in overall design are not enough variety for you, don’t worry, our stand alone aggarbattis/ incense sticks have plenty of options to choose from in terms of the aroma’s offered! Each fragrance we offer comes with its own distinct aroma that helps create a special ambience. The list of fragrances offered are as listed below:
• Jasmine
• Gulab
• Raat Ki Raani
• Chandan
• Mogra
• Firdosh
• Lavender
• Kewda
• Bharat Wasi
• Broket

These incense sticks can be ordered online in packs of 50,100 & 200.

Lighting up incense sticks and dhoop is common in every Indian household. Agarbatti stands or incense holders simplifies the task of arranging them., ‘how can you keep your incense sticks safe?’ Not only do these agarbatti stands eliminate the problem of holding the sticks but also creates a neat and well laid out formation that betters overall presentation.

So, don’t let mundane incense sticks/agarbattis ruin your beautiful Pooja set up. Shop incense holder, candle holders and pooja items online, and enjoy great savings.

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