Why Should You Switch to Eco-friendly Rakhis?

Eco Friendly Rakhi

Every year sisters tie a rakhi around their brother's wrists to safeguard them from harm. However, do you know that the materials used to create these rakhis endanger the environment and life on the planet?

This blog will discuss the need of switching to Eco-friendly rakhis. But before we find out what Eco-friendly Rakhis are, let's look at the harmful effects of ordinary rakhis.

How do the non-eco-friendly rakhis affect the environment?

Luckily nature has microorganisms that eat most of the trash we throw away. And they do a really good job at keeping the environment pollution free. But there’s a catch—it only decomposes trash that is organic and easy to degrade.

And, in the name of tradition, the rakhis you tie to your brother are frequently made of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic and metal, which are harmful to the environment because they do not decompose. Instead, they stay for years, polluting the environment.

When the trash is put into an overburdened landfill, it contaminates the soil and groundwater, which are directly tied to human health.

Plastic garbage is washed into the oceans at a rate of 12.7 million tonnes yearly, destroying endangered and uncommon marine species.

We watch videos of turtles entangled in plastic nets daily. Whales with bellies full of garbage are washing up on beaches. Possibly, your children or future generations will be unaware of whales and turtles. They'll almost certainly have to Google everything, just like we do today with dinosaurs and dragons.

Why eco-friendly Rakhis?

Though Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival commemorating the unbreakable bond between brothers and sisters, let us tighten the bond with Mother Nature this festive season by choosing eco-friendly Rakhis. Causing zero harm to nature, this Rakhi will contribute considerably by allowing our generation to breathe fresh and pure air.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Rakhis

1. They decompose naturally

Unlike plastic rakhis, eco-friendly rakhis are composed entirely of natural and biodegradable materials. Everything is made of recycled paper, from the thread to the box in which these rakhis are packaged.

2. Plantable

And not just this, some of these unique rakhis are plantable, meaning you can just put them straight into a pot, provide them sunlight and plenty of water, and they will grow into lush green plants.

If you decide to toss these out, rest assured that they will not harm the environment in any way; instead, they will decompose into manure or grow into a plant.

Here are some of the most exciting Eco-Friendly Rakhi by My Pooja Box. You will love to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in the most innovative ways.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Rakhi Box (Tulsi Seeds) - Sun Rakhi:

Eco friendly rakhi

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This fantastic product launched to contribute to a happier and healthier environment is a perfect Rakhi you can try your hands on. Unwrapping this box introduces you to a plantable Sun Rakhi, coconut husk planter, a disk of cocopeat, Roli & Chawal packed in cork capsules, a mini plantable pencil, and a reusable, recycled box. The beautifully handwritten note expressing your love, respect, and care for your brother makes this product so adorable.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Rakhi Box (Tulsi Seeds) - Star Rakhi:

Star Rakhi

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Handcrafted to perfection, this Rakhi box is ideal for celebrating Raksha Bandhan in the most beautiful and eco-friendly way. Woven in the strong yet soft thread, the Star Rakhi represents an inseparable bond between siblings. Crafted from the best quality of handmade paper and edible colors, these rakhis are truly worth buying.

And not only this, My Pooja Box has the widest collection of the Rakhi gifts online, including designer Rakhis, Evil Eye Rakhis or be it Gold/Silver Rakhis that cares and shields your brothers from negativity.


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