Sick of searching around gift and sweet shops asking the salesmen -what to buy for your family and close friends, and still getting stuck with the same year old problem of what to buy this Diwali?

Diwali is that joyous time of the year where we decorate our abodes, wear brand new clothes, go overboard with buying delectable sweet, well not just for gifts, but to engorge on them ourselves too. It is the festival which is highly anticipated all year round. However, the sole dilemma which brings forth so many tiring and frustrating questions during this festival – What should be gifted to our special friends as well as family members?

‘I don’t want to buy the regular Diwali Gift Boxes from the local store’ – but still we end up with it due to the difficulty and time involved in locating something personal and interesting

So, we decided to come up with a curated list which we’re sure your recipient will be excited to receive. Here we go:

1. Diwali Décor – Diwali Lights/ Decoration/ Diyas

Diwali Lights

Why not gift someone and save your friends & family the time a bundle of Diwali Home Décor items to spruce up their home. Some gorgeous brass hanging diyas, LED thalis & lights, candles, Diwali lanterns, idols, aarti books and so much more. Sit from the comfort of your home, click here, order in advance and be free from last minute worries of figuring out the best gift option. Make an impact now.

2. Religious and spiritual items:

Laxmi Ganesh idols

If you want to opt for the conventional form of gifting, go for gifts that are based on spiritual and religious factors. One of the most sought-after options for this is gifting idols of deities. Present Lord Krishna, Durga, Buddha, Rama, Lord Ganesha, Vishnu or laxmi ganesh murti as per their relevance to the festival of lights.

3. DIY items

A personal favorite! This category can range from making purposeful and brand new things from scratch. Engage your children, tap into their creativeness and let them experience the process of creation by having them create something. There are myriad options of DIY tea pots, bowls, lamp shades, pen holders etc. which can be crafted at home. Wrap these gifts up, involve yourself with the children and create!

4. Eco-friendly options: Earthen pots and idols

eco friendly ganesh idols for diwali

Lets not diminish the drive towards stopping pollution. We all face and experience it everyday and needless to say, more so on Diwali. Help the local craftsman near your home and purchase some earther pots or a clay ganesha idol? Diwali, after all should always be about bringing a smile on everyone’s face and not just your family and loved ones.

Tip: You can bring them home and paint them for further embellishment. An earthen pot releases a smell that many people adore. Imagine how well it will turn out to be, if you decorate it with unique items. Adding chocolates inside will be like cherries on the cake for the little ones.

5. Homemade sweets/ chocolates

Chocolates/ our local Indian delicacies (simply irresistible!). Unfortunately the best local sweet shops are located out of the vibrant and quirky lanes of Chandni Chowk. But you might find some online, such as Bansal Sweets etc.

Thinking about making some at home. Take the help of some online recipes and tutorials. It does take some time, but there’s nothing better than making these yourself, learning something new and spreading the smiles all around. These can be packed in jars and enchanting boxes for gifting to your loved ones.

6. The go-to Home décor items

If you are seeking to present the sparkle of Diwali, you can present home décor items to your near and dear ones. Quirky wine stoppers, ornate platters, creative trays for serving the appetizers or funky jars for storing nuts come under this category. You can also vow your closed ones with candle holders, Himalayan salt lamps or pretty bird cages!

7. Aroma diffusers and essential oils

aroma oil diffuser

Nothing could be more charming than an abode saturated with jasmine and lavender whiffs in the festival season. Take things to the other side this year by gifting a set of aroma diffusers or essential oils(Visit: Gifting an aroma lamp is also great if its base has much potentiality to spread the aroma for extended hours and hold the water.

8. Candied fruits

These are a wholesome and exciting gift option for your family and friends. You just need a wire rack, fruits, and sugar syrup. For this, heat up a pan and soak the chopped variety of fruits in the sugar syrup. Until the fruits get translucent, you can let them remain there. Keep the soaked fruits on the wire rack with the help of a spoon while sprinkling sugar over its top. Fruits like pears, oranges, grapes, pineapples, apples, etc. can be used for a scrumptious experience.

9. Pooja boxes!

Well, give us a chance to market ourselves as well. After all, we are a growing e-commerce store in the quest to bring you all your pooja related items at your doorstep and much more of course. Have a look at our specially designed Pooja boxes for fulfilling all your gifting needs!

10. Air Purifier plants

Here's the bonus one for you. This one is included in the list because the problem of air pollution is growing day by day. That is why gift your friends and family some air purifier plants to help them keep their home environment pollution-free.

11. Elegant Pearl Studded Golden T-Light Candle Holder

This elegant pearl studded golden t-light candle holder is the perfect diwali gift for your friends and family to decorate their house with on such auspicious occasions like Diwali. It brightens up that particular area of the house and is also reusable in the consecutive years.

12. Stylish Handcrafted Branched Diya Stand

Looking for the perfect and affordable Diwali gift? This elegant and stylish diya stand ideal gifting gesture, especially for someone who is celebrating their first festival in a new house. This handcrafted diya stand can be placed in any corner of house wherein it looks incomplete, and this product will a complete package in all its best ways.

13. Dazzling Ganesha T-Light Holder Showpiece

Let us gift something out of the ordinary this year to your near and dear ones. This beautiful Ganesh show piece is something extraordinary. The two floral t-light holders at the front further add to its exquisiteness.

14. 7 Chakra Crystal Healing Stone Tree

Let’s get out of our comfort zones for gifting and look for something different this time? This crystal healing stone tree can be the perfect gesture this season to show your love and affection for them. Each color chakra signifying a specific healing property and spreading positive energies throughout. Visit:

15. Feng Shui Three Golden Owls for Good Luck and Decoration

Don’t feel like giving those traditional gifts every year? We are here to look out for you! This feng shui product with three golden owls representing good luck and an amazing enhancement for home décor is your savior. This gesticulation to your family and friends will be much appreciated and will also stand out amongst others gifting items. Visit:

16. Glossy Backflow Smoke Waterfall Dhoop Burner

Dhoop is a necessary pooja samagri in every festival. Gift something unique to your family and friends this Diwali with this glossy backflow fountain, wherein one just needs to light the dhoop and the smoke flows like a fountain giving it a marvelous look.

17. Abstract Colorful Elongated Ceramic Vase

Vases can never go out of fashion. They are an everlasting product for gifting on any occasion or festival. They enhance the complete look of the home décor, along with with it a bouquet of beautiful flowers is an add on to its beauty.

18. Himalayan Pink Salt Aroma Diffuser

Think out of the box this Diwali with this mesmerizing Himalayan salt aroma diffuser. Along with its beauty is therapeutic as well with its aromatherapy scent. Enhance your occasion with this with its fragrance and healing properties.

19. Captivating Crackled Glass Table Lamp

This unique crackled glass creates a vibrancy of light with a captivating effect wherever it is kept in the house. One just needs to plug on the switch and experience the effect of this beautiful glass table lamp.

20. Wish Fulfilling Turtle

Make your family and friends wishes come true this year by gifting them this wish-fulfilling feng shui turtle. It has an exquisite design on top of mother-of-pearl decoration with a flip-open concave in which one can keep anything they wish to. Showpiece coming along with utility, what more does want!

We hope that these gift ideas do make your task of finding a unique diwali gift easier or even inspires you to come up with other creative ideas of your own. If you think you have a good one in mind and can’t find it, why don’t you drop us a comment and let’s have a conversation.

For more unique Diwali gifts collection visit:

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  • Posted on by Bedlam.Store

    Great share! I really loved this article. If you want to purchase any additional gifts I suggest you can add bedding sheets in your list. Bedding sheets is one of the best gifts to anyone. Please include home decor items like bedding sheets for couple gifts.

  • Posted on by Tanya Sharma

    Nice ideas. Even you can also include oil free lamps, Photo Books to preserve diwali memories, wooden idol of gods and goddesses.

  • Posted on by Tanya Sharma

    Nice ideas. Even you can also include oil free lamps, Photo Books to preserve diwali memories, wooden idol of gods and goddesses.

  • Posted on by Tanya Sharma

    Nice ideas. Even you can also include oil free lamps, Photo Books to preserve diwali memories, wooden idol of gods and goddesses.

  • Posted on by Aditya Pandy

    Good ideas! Very interesting article. It is really helpful for those who are looking for Diwali gifts to their near and dear ones.

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