Top 15 Navratri Decoration Ideas at Home

Navratri Decoration Ideas at Home

Navratri is a nine-day-long festival dedicated to the powerful and supreme forms of Goddess Durga. Everyone welcomes, worships, and celebrates this beautiful festival with joy by adorning their Vastu with Navratri decoration ideas at home. And when its Navratri is right on its way, why not glow up every corner of the house with charm with the best Navratri decoration ideas? Come, roll down your eyes on the Top 15 Navratri Decoration Ideas at Home. 

1. Magnificent Maa Durga Idol Large

Beautifully packed in a sturdy box, this Maa Durga idol perfectly into your pooja space is a true delight of this Navratri festival. Also serving an amazing gifting option, this item is a piece of art.

Magnificent Maa Durga Idol Large

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2. Decorative Colorful Brass Durga Idol

This Navratri season, get home this Durga idol made with great skill in brass. Creating serenity, tranquillity, and positivity, this decorative item can be coupled with other Navratri decoration ideas for home.

3. OM Design Brass Chowki

Another item you can include in your pooja Samagri is this brass Chowki with a touch of golden tint has various engraved patterns with OM in the center and is ideal to place Durga Mata idol and worship.

4. Aarfa Decorative T-light Holder

Decorating your home with T-light holders is an evergreen option. So, here are other Navratri decoration ideas at home you can try with this T-light holder to create an aura of positivity and peace.

Aarfa Decorative T-light Holder

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5. Antique Brass 7 Bells With Durga Figurine

Want to beautify the entrance of your home? Try out this one of the Navratri decoration ideas that would add an essence of happiness and positivity with the ringing bells.

6. XODI Kalash LED Light

Kalash is always considered to be the most auspicious item used in every Hindu pooja and ritual. So, here it comes with a twist, where a number of small Kalash made from plastic are paired with electric cords and LED lights.

7. Moksha Ganpati Leafy Pooja Platter

Shaped to a beautiful leaf, one end of this platter features a cute little idol of Lord Ganesh seated in a flower and two small bowls for Haldi-Kumkum or Akshat Rice and Kumkum. This pooja Samagri item is one-of-its-kind.

Moksha Ganpati Leafy Pooja Platter

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8. Brij Sugandha Maa Durga Metal Shastra Set of 7 weapons

Defining the rich Hindu culture, this set of 7 metallic weapons incorporates beautifully crafted Lotus/ Kamal, Talwar/Sword, Trishul, Gada/Mace, Karpan, Sudarshan Chakra, and a Conch/Shankh.

9. Glistening Gold Metal Urli

Water-filled Urli with fresh flowers and scented candles is one of the amazing Navratri decoration ideas for the home that appeals extremely welcoming to your guests.

Glistening Gold Metal Urli

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10. Artificial Red Roses Garland for Decoration

One of the amazing Navratri decoration ideas is to adorn every corner of your house or office with flowers. Depicting real red roses, this lush garland does not dry up or spoil like natural flowers.

11. Eisa Floral Hanging Fumer

This hand-hammered piece of art made in iron and polished with brass finish speaks sophistication and is one of the elegant Navratri decoration ideas for home.

Eisa Floral Hanging Fumer

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12. Satin Silk Beautiful Durga Maa Dress

Reflecting the art of Indian culture and tradition, this perfectly comfortable dress looks amazing on the pretty idol of Durga Maa.

13. Terracotta Durga Mata Mukut

Showcasing extreme attention to detail, this beautifully colored Durga Mata Mukut made from terracotta beautifies your pooja space on the special occasion of Navratri.

14. 7.5’ Eco Friendly Kalash Panch Jyot Diya

Not finding any Navratri decoration ideas at home? Well, this Kalash Panch Jyot Diya is the best solution for your problem. Made from natural clay, this eco-friendly Diya radiates its soft glow on the walls.

Eco Friendly Kalash Panch Jyot Diya

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15. Thiruvachi Varalakshmi Amman Pooja Decoration Item

This is one of the prettiest items and the best Navratri decoration ideas that is sure to please Durga Maa. Appealing extremely classy on the idol of Durga Mata, this item is a must-have.

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