The Top 7 Environmentally Friendly Tips to Save the Planet

Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Our everyday activities like bathing, differentiating waste, turning off the switches, celebrating Eco-Friendly Ganesha, using second-hand products, preparing Ganesha idol at home, recycling, reusing, and many more such routine actions that may be seen as very basic contribute a huge part in safeguarding our dearest Mother Earth. But have you ever even thought about it for a second?

Well, though the environment is facing a hard time due to human ignorance and their activities and the time is simultaneously running out, we can adopt several tips at our home, office, in travel, or wherever & whenever it's possible for the betterment of our beautiful planet. If you are in a confusion about where and how to start, then here are The Top 7 Environmentally Friendly Tips to Save the Planet that you will surely love doing. 

1. Ditch the usage of plastics

Plastics play a greater and negative role in disturbing the balance of the environment in every single way and only a small percentage of the plastics are recyclable and the rest of it is settling in the water bodies or is consumed by animals. So, make it a point to recycle & reuse the plastic, use eco-friendly plastic bags made from plant-based materials like corn and wheat starch, or even use steel bottles. You can also make use of cotton bags, jute bags, or bags that are stitched from unused clothes instead of plastic bags.

2. Create natural compost with household waste

A great amount of whatever you use in your kitchen or everyday life serves as a great product that can be recycled and created an organic compost, for your garden itself. Right from eggshells, dried leaves, the water of the washed veggies, fruits or pulses, paper bags, leftover food, and other compostable items. Doing so will fetch the plants in your garden natural compost along with several nutrients.

3. Use water wisely

Indeed, water is one of the most precious resources available on the planet Earth in a very small percentage and hence needs to be used wisely. With simple steps like turning off the tap while brushing, fixing the leaky taps, adopting the rainwater harvesting method, use bucket water instead of the shower for bathing.

4. Bloom up your garden with Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Another outstanding step to conserve the environment is to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly way. You can go for the plant-Ganesha idol which consists of 100% organic soil with seeds of different plants. So, welcome the concept of celebrating every festival in an eco-friendly way. 

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5. Avoid wasting electricity and try out solar products

The use of solar products is seen much higher in recent years than other appliances that do not consume electricity. Instead of the traditional light bulbs or tube lights, you can go for LED lights. Moreover, let in the natural sunlight and the fresh, cool breeze naturally ventilate your living space or office, for the maximum day time.

6. Go for car/bike pooling 

One of the outstanding ways to save fuel is to adopt a car or bike pooling system. This activity will not just cut down your fuel expenses, reduce noise, sound, air pollution, and traffic on the road.

7. Adopt paperless activities

With the increasing cutting of trees for manufacturing paper, it is quite necessary for each one of us to go Paperless in today's world. Instead, you can carry out your office or general work from your mobiles, laptops, or tabs with just a single click, with no fear of losing important documents or files. 

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