The Best Traditional Housewarming Gifts For Their First Home

The Best Traditional Housewarming Gifts For Their First Home

Back in medieval times, neighbours would help other families or individuals settle into their new home by quite literally “warming” their house. Hence the term, “housewarming gifts”. If you’re wondering why I’m saying “literally” warming their home is because they used firewood to build fires in the appropriate fireplaces. This practice was done in order to ensure evil spirits are driven away from the property. Thanks to global warming, we can’t do this anymore. However, unlike our ancestors, we have access to a lot of unique and thoughtful housewarming gifts that still hold traditional significance in our culture.

So, we thought we’d curate a list of the most thoughtful housewarming gifts that keep tradition in mind. The products have been listed below for your reference.

1. Ganesha Idols:-

ganesha idols

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Ganesha idols have always been considered as some of the best and most thoughtful housewarming gifts you can give in India. This popularity comes as a by-product of the auspicious energy they carry. Best known for instilling wealth, prosperity and good fortune into your home, Ganesha idols are always a welcome gift when it comes to housewarming events. Keeping a Ganesha idol on the entrance of your door is said to be especially beneficial as they attract positive energy and keep negative or evil energies out.

2. T- Light Candles:-

t-light candles

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T light candle holders are easily the most attractive traditional candle housing solutions you can buy. They have of course been designed to hold candles but what sets them apart are the traditional floral & geometric patterns they feature. These patterns are usually carved out of the T-Light holder and as a result, beautiful shadows are casted by the flame if kept near a wall. If that isn’t enough, it’s said that lighting a candle on your first night at home can cast out dark and evil energies.

3. Houseplants:-


Plants are always a welcome site in one’s home. Especially in modern times where the PM 2.5 & PM 10 levels are way higher than they should be. Another reason why house plants are symbolic house gifts is because of the belief that they are said to represent life. Gifting a house plant is considered a symbolic way of saying “may there always be life in your home”.

4. Gold & Silver Coins:-

gold & silver coins

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Back in ancient times, gold and silver were considered to be magical metals due to the shine they possessed. Eventually, they were used as currency to buy and exchange goods. As time went on gold and silver went no where and continued to be used as currency and as a symbol of wealth. As a result, it became common practice to gift gold and silver coins to loved ones in the hope that the metals can attract prosperity and wealth into their lives. Thus ensuring, their new beginnings are as prosperous as they can be.

5. Healing Crystal Plant:-

healing crystal plant

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As mentioned above, plants have always been acknowledged as wonderful housewarming gifts for people moving into new homes. So, imagine if you could combine the natural beauty of a plant with the supernatural cleansing ability of healing crystals. Not only do these healing crystal plants look stunning, they help balance energy within your home and help align your inner spiritual chakras. Thus, helping individuals achieve inner peace and non-materialistic happiness. Thus making this a great gift for people inaugurating their new home.

6. Feng Shui Or Vaastu Products:-

feng shui or vaastu products

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Vaastu products as well as Feng Shui products make amazing housewarming gifts as they promote the flow of strong “Chi”. Strong and vibrant “Chi” radiating within your home is said to help keep your energy levels high and as a result, promote happiness and prosperity within. You can use multiple different types of Feng Shui products too. From the celestial animals in Feng Shui to simpler more common items like Feng Shui inspired evil eyes.

7. Buddha Idols:-

buddha idols

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As far as religious idols are concerned; nothing gives you a sense of peace and calm like Buddha idols do. Even though these idols stem from Buddhist beliefs, they are commonly kept at home regardless of where you live, who you are and what religion you practice. These make great housewarming gifts as they can help those moving into their new home get off to a peaceful and serene start.

8. Himalayan Salt Lamps:-

himalayan salt lamps

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These are easily the most attractive products on the market that can benefit your physical and mental health. As a result, they can be used as thoughtful housewarming gifts. They are best known to cleanse the air around them of impurities. This is especially useful in countries like India that have a lot of pollution floating around. Plus, the warm glow offered by these exquisite lamps help give homes a warm and comfortable feeling.

9. Broom:-


I know you’re probably already against this suggestion. However, we’d suggest reading a little further because brooms also have symbolic meanings behind them. According to ancient customs and traditions, it’s considered really unlucky to carry an old broom into your new home. Similar to lighting fires, brooms are said to be able to sweep away negative energies from your home. So, if your friends or family are moving into a new home, getting them a broom might confuse them at first, but they’ll surely get it once they know the real meaning behind it.

10. Wine:- 


If those moving into a new home drink alcohol, this is probably the best housewarming gift you can get them. Wine has always been the go-to housewarming gift in the west and is slowly finding its way into tradition here in India too. It’s a symbolic and fun way of saying “May you always have joy and never go thirsty”. I know, it’s rather strange but it’s easily one of the most popular gifts period. Be it for birthdays or housewarming parties.

So, these are our list of thoughtful yet traditional housewarming gifts for couples, friends and families moving into a new home. Do you have a better suggestion? If yes, do post it down in the comments below. If we like it, we’ll surely add it to our list.

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