Karwa Chauth like most popular Hindu festivals are celebrated in a relatively standard way. This however, doesn’t mean that all states don’t have their own unique differences and take on celebrating national holidays. The differences could range from thali decorations to alternative celebrations. Here we’re going to look at how some of the major states in India celebrate Karwa Chauth with their own little touch!


Karwa Chauth in Delhi

Delhi, the heart of our country, is known for its flamboyance. All of this reflects in the way people celebrate Karwa Chauth! People in Delhi like to add a bit of bling to their celebrations. It’s an all in or nothing attitude. Be it using gold pooja thalis, silver coins or brass diyas for gifting purposes. There is no limit to the extravagance! Even high-end restaurants are all booked out by people who may not want to celebrate in a traditional sense but would like to have a fancy celebratory dinner.


Karwa Chauth in maharashtra

Maharashtra is predominantly Hindu dominated and therefore big on Hindu festivals. There tends to be more dedication to the Karwa Chauth rule book here than in states such as Delhi! But by no means does it mean Maharashtra doesn’t have its own little touch. Flashy things & flamboyant lifestyles might be a stereo type associated with Delhi, but the love of gold in Maharashtra is un-paralleled. The locals tend to use gold chains, watches and so on in their daily wardrobe. So, one can bet that during festive events, gold is one of the most commonly used themes for apparel, thalis and gifts(Visit: https://www.mypoojabox.in/collections/karwa-chauth)!


Karwa Chauth in rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its traditional art and beauty. The styling used in Rajasthan is like no other and has always been in high demand since trading became easier. The style involves bright colors such as orange, red and green spread across different geometric patterns. This is carried on to the way the locals dress during festivities and the way their pooja thalis are styled and made! There is a generous use of colors and patterned marble on pooja thalis and its further components. Here, it isn’t about bling, it’s about art and raw beauty! This is reflected by some of the Rajasthan inspired karwa chauth pooja items online.


Karwa Chauth in punjab
Not too far from the city of Delhi lies the state of Punjab. A lot of cultural similarities exist between the capital and Punjab as a result of a large Punjabi population residing in Delhi. But there is one key difference. You guessed it! It’s the food! The food in Punjab is always top priority. Some real heart and soul goes into the cooking and hey! No complaints right. There is nothing like a good Punjabi dinner. So, imagine the extra attention that goes into making a meal for the wife or by the wife after the fast is done. You can bet that once the fast is broken, there is some heavy eating that goes on in the traditional Punjabi home!


Karwa Chauth in kerala
Karwa Chauth as many of you may know is predominantly a festival celebrated in North India. But there’s still a significant number of people who have migrated from the north to the south. Specifically, Kerala which consists of a lot of people who relocated there from the north. This means that the festival is celebrated by a minority community which only intensifies the occasion for those people. It’s a chance for them to interact and reconnect with people with the same religious and regional background. The celebrations are looked forward to and authenticity is top priority! Simply because it’s a chance for the minorities of the state to get together and pay tribute to their beliefs!

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