Facial Crystal Rollers: Everything You Need to Know

rose quartz face roller benefits

Featuring its own characteristics, healing properties, and vibrations, healing crystals are made use of since the ancient Sumerians to the modern Yogi. Moreover, healing crystals are those precious stones discovered from the natural resources that also foster better relationships & the spirit for well-being. Used widely in ancient times by the kings, queens, or other royal families, these crystals were studded in jewelry, crowns, buildings, and even clothing. 

Facts about Face Roller

Known as the “Beauty Roller”, this face roller massager is generally made of the Pink Quartz, metal, Volcanic glass, Amethyst, or Jade showcasing different sizes. Each exhibiting its special benefits to the user, these rollers were first used by Imperial Chinese Aristocracy in the 7th century. Believe it or not, but the use of Jade rollers to aid muscle relief was also recorded long back in the times of the Egyptians and Mayans. 

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The face rollers in modern times have gained maximum limelight in everyday life. Offering numerous benefits to the user, this face roller massager does carry some myths behind.  

According to a study conducted in the year 2018, it is said that massaging for merely 5 minutes up to 10 minutes is enough to provide your face extreme calm & peace. With rollers on both sides varying in sizes, this face roller offers you an excellent grip to hold on.  

Face Roller Benefits

Using the rose quartz or the jade face roller benefits your face if rolled on the face muscles in the right direction, pressure, and motion.  This little good-to-go gadget promising to deep treat and to de-puff has some benefits to add on to your daily skincare routine. 

  • Cools and soothes your skin: 

To get an extra cooling effect or to treat headaches, you can chill the crystal face rollers in the fridge. But the metal and Jade are naturally cool, hence need not be kept in the refrigerator which automatically tightens the pores and soothes your skin quickly. 

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  • Increases circulation:

One of the major benefits of face roller massager is that it brightens your face by improving the circulation. Reducing the sagging & puffiness, this roller is said to stimulate the blood circulation across your face. Most of the dermatologists say that using the rose quartz face roller benefits you with a similar result one can get from exercise. 

  • Supports Anti-Aging:

A few studies say that excellent blood circulation and maximum oxygen to the skin help the products to penetrate deeper into the skin leading to fine lines & wrinkle reduction. Unlike the other anti-aging products the face roller benefits you in supporting the anti-aging process. As mentioned above, these rollers stimulate the blood circulation which makes the skin absorb the cream easily helping it to slow the aging process. 

  • Reduces jaw and brow tension :

As suggested by the dermatologists, using the face roller benefits in the reduction of the tension caused in the jaw & brow. Moreover, making use of the jade face roller benefits to stimulate the muscles in both your jaw & brow. 

  • Eases puffiness & increase Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

Have a party to attend in the evening? But puffy and swollen eyes making it awkward to enjoy the party? Well, get home the face roller and say bye-bye to puffiness under your eyes. Rolling the face roller will surely help you release the swelling & stimulate the lymphatic drainage near your eyes, nose, mouth lines, jaw, behind ears, and under the chin.    

  • Distributes skincare product:

Using a face roller will benefit you a lot more than only making use of your hands to massage skincare products like lotions, serums, or creams into your skin. Yes, this is very true, as the rollers help not only to absorb the oil deep within the multiple layers of your skin but also smoothly glide on to your skin. 

  • Helps with stuffy sinus:

Rather than using a Jade face roller, make use of the Rose quartz that can hold its temperature and will easily help you to get the sinus cleared within no time. Rolling it in a perfect way & method are best to offer you amazing results. 

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Myths about the Face Roller 

Many people purchasing the face roller are under the misunderstanding and are also not aware of the actual use of the product. They carry some myths related to their use and other benefits. Surprisingly, these face rollers have a list of widespread myths that are simply untrue. 

  • Helps in slimming the face:

Face roller does help you to de-puff the area below eyes and release the brow tension, but the face roller slimming the face is truly a myth. The only way to slim down the fat on your face is the proper intake of the food and the type of exercise you do. Offering a temporary slimmer look to your face, these rollers on a serious note do not slim the face.  

  • It removes the toxins in the skin:

Yes, it does help you to remove the toxins and makes your skin look healthier & flow with radiance. Using the face roller that helps in lymphatic drainage helps to detoxify the skin thereby stimulating a good circulation of the blood.  

  • Face roller helps to contour the face:

As said, the rose quartz face roller benefits you to drain the fluid stored under your skin. It temporarily helps you to get a contoured face. All you have to do is just move the roller upwards and then roll it down to the ears which will help the lymph nodes drain fluid instantly. 

  • Boosts good mood:

Not only the massage with the rose quartz face roller benefits you but also any massage gives you extreme relief. Using the roller massage helps you to make you feel amazing with the massage and chills your face with the face roller. Helping you forget about your anxiety, this jade face roller benefits you in boosting-up your mood quickly. 

Tips about the face roller

It is very important to maintain the hygiene of these face rollers so as to offer your sin the maximum benefits. Here are a few tips on how to clean your facial roller. 

  • Use a soft cloth or washcloth to clean the oil, serum, or any excess lotion present on the roller. Cleaning it after every use or at least once a week keeps the roller in good condition.
  • Wash it with a gentle soap or face wash and rinse thoroughly with warm water that kills the bacteria. 
  • Make it a point not to place the roller in extremely hot water or soaking it in water. 
  • Finally, lay the roller in a horizontal manner on a clean dry cloth to dry it. 

The bottom line

Certainly, the face rollers provide extreme relief and calmness to our face, they need to be used in a proper and gentle manner to enjoy the experience. So choose the best face roller that suits your skin and radiate the areas of your skin with its magic.

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