Facial Massage Roller & Tools

Facial Massage Roller & Tools

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Known as the “Beauty Roller”, Each exhibiting its special benefits to the user, these rollers were first used by Imperial Chinese Aristocracy in the 7th century. Believe it or not, but the use of Jade rollers to aid muscle relief was also recorded long back in the times of the Egyptians and Mayans. 


The face rollers in modern times have gained maximum limelight in everyday life. Offering numerous benefits to the user, this face roller massager does carry some myths behind.  

According to a study conducted in the year 2018, it is said that massaging for merely 5 minutes up to 10 minutes is enough to provide your face extreme calm & peace. With rollers on both sides varying in sizes, this face roller offers you an excellent grip to hold on.  

Garnering quite the trend, facial rollers have become essential for every beauty fan’s skin, promising to make the skin firm and de-puff, all the while adding a healthy glow to your skin. Let’s take a look at what the hype is all about?

What is a face massage roller?

Made typically from crystals such as Green Aventurine, Natural rose, Black Obsidian, Opal, and rose quartz this is a face massage tool manufactured to be rubbed on the skin of your face. It is a gentle massage tool that gets rid of toxins, relaxes the muscle tension, and stimulates blood flow, which in turn increases the glow of your skin.

For example, if you have purchased a rose quartz roller, you have to be aware the act of massage cannot be completed by this alone. While it does bring its own set of healing crystal properties, an oil or serum pared with it is recommended to achieve the best results. It is vital in draining excess fluid from the skin, and with regular use, it shall not only tone the skin but also lift it.

A typical face massage tool will come with having rollers at the two ends: one having a large-sized stone and the other stone being comparatively smaller. This is because of the use each one has. Going more into detail, the large-sized stone is for purpose of use for the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and the neck and the small stone is for the bags under one’s eyes, thus being more delicate and easier to fit.

The application of the face massage roller is easy but the right process is vital for the results to be seen. The finest way to achieve detailed results from these facial rollers has been outlined in the points below:

1. Always do the massage on the skin by rolling upwards and in one direction. This is crucial and one should never roll it in a casual up and down format.

2. A minimum of five rolls upwards in each area is important and one should always start outwards from the jawline.

3. Once done with the jawline, the next step is to work around the hairline followed by the cheekbones.

4. Lastly, rolling flat against the eyebrows and then up towards the forehead.

It is advisable to be firm on and under the cheeks and a slow when doing the neck and jawline.

When it comes to rollers with crystals such as the rose quartz face roller, you can keep it in the fridge for an extra chilled tool that tightens pores and wakes the face. Generally, rose quartz rollers and others stay cool naturally, it is not harmless for it to be cold. Works great to cure a headache or to use before any event. The results will soon be noticeable on your face if this easy-going tool is used for five minutes, every two to three times a week.

Benefits of Using A Face Roller:

  • Cools & soothes your skin
  • Increases circulation
  • Supports anti-aging
  • Reduces jaw & brow tension
  • Eases puffiness & increase Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Distributes skincare product
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