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evil eye protection

First things first, let’s clear things up. When people think of an evil eye, they think of the Feng Shui product that is famous worldwide. However, that is not actually the case, as the evil eye is quite literally described as a dirty look you receive from someone. The Feng Shui evil eye was designed to offer protection from it… but more on that later. Regardless, a lot of people believe these dirty looks are reason enough to find evil eye protection.

But before we get into evil eye protection, it’s important to note that the evil eye is not only believed to affect humans or livings things, but also inanimate objects like cars and houses.

This might seem a bit silly but a lot of religions across the world acknowledge the symptoms of receiving an evil eye. This includes, Christianity, Islam and has been mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman texts.

Eyes have always been considered as the gateways to someone’s soul in spirituality and religion. This belief has led people to believe that if evil energy is channelled with enough devotion, it can be transferred to another’s soul through his/ her eyes.

Now ofcourse the evil eye stems from superstition but this superstition is there for a reason. The theory is, that if some individual is jealous of you, your looks, your wealth or anything else you possess, the dirty looks coupled with a desire to cause you misfortune, can cause negative energies to bring misfortune to you. This can result in what is known as evil eye symptoms.

You may have heard Indian mothers say, “Nazar mat lagana”. This statement stems from the fear of the evil eye. Praising someone close to you in front of jealous people can lead to the curse of the evil eye.

So, what are the evil eye symptoms? Let’s take a closer look.

Evil eye symptoms are vast and might seem unrelated at first but if you’ve been paying attention to the looks you get; you might have noticed a few things.

The symptoms include and are not limited to, sudden fatigue followed by constant yawning, a depressed feeling that came out of nowhere, an inability to sleep properly, stomach problems and in some cases, disease. Now this might all seem random at first, but if your health had been fine till the day someone a bit envious gave you a dirty look, you might be experiencing the symptoms of receiving an evil eye.

So how do I get Evil Eye Protection?

Most evil eye protection methods will differ from region to region and religion to religion. However, some evil eye protection practices are standard across the world and we’ll be discussing those here.

1. Carrying An Amulet Around

symptoms of receiving an evil eye

This is probably the most popular form of evil eye protection and has been used for centuries on end. These amulets refer to pendants, ornaments or pieces of jewellery that offer individuals good luck and fortune. The positive energy attracted by these amulets help ward of the negative affects of an evil eye, thus offering you the protection you need. Nowadays, one can even purchase Feng Shui inspired evil eye bracelets and rose quartz bracelets that can be worn 24X7 for protection.

2. Avoid Eye Contact

avoid eye contact

This is easily the most affective method of evil eye protection as the only way you could be cursed, is if someone were to look you directly in the eye with bad thoughts. Now ofcourse, it’s not easy to tell who wishes ill for you and who doesn’t. But it’s not that hard either. If someone if giving you dirty looks or is trying to intimidate you, simply look in between his/her eyebrows. This will definitely put them off, not only because…well, it’s weird but also because the spiritual connection is broken. You can even wear reflective shades that block out any eye to eye contact.

3. Charms & Protective Spells

Spiritual beliefs and superstition are always accompanied by spells. Both protective and harmful. In this case, one can learn protective spells that can be recited whenever one feels they’re in potential danger. Memorizing certain charms can help ward off negativity when it tries to enter into your soul. These protective charms and spells can be found across all religions and there is no one charm that is said to offer the best protection. So, consult highly educated people within your religion and find what works best for you.

4. Be Indifferent

evil eye protection - be indifferent

This is a lot easier to do if you don’t have any particular religious beliefs or fears for that matter. The thing is, black magic & spiritual energy can only affect you, if you believe in it. Now I’m not saying don’t believe. I’m saying be the joker if someone is trying to intimidate you. This way, his/her negative energy can’t enter your mind, body and soul as you simply aren’t worrying about it. If someone says, I’ll curse you!... Laugh it off. That will kill the energy better than any religious item or pendant could.

5. Be Humble

As Kendrick Lamar once said, “Word I can’t use here”, be humble. If you are humble, you’re unlikely to attract any sort of jealousy or hate from others. This is the best kind of evil eye protection as if no one hates you, no one will wish badly for you. So, the next time you get a promotion, reserve the excitement for your close friends who you trust. You’ll see how keeping your success within your close circle will reduce the number of evil eye symptoms we spoke about above.


The points mentioned above will offer you all the evil eye protection you and your family need. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind even if you don’t feel you’re in danger of the evil eye and you will never experience any evil eye symptoms again.

Note: The symptoms spoken about may have arisen through medical problems. So always consult a doctor first. If the doctor can’t give you a reason, it’s probably time to start finding some evil eye protection.

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