Feng Shui Bands

Feng Shui Bands

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Feng Shui is a system of laws considered to dictate spiritual arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, whose favorable and unfavorable effects are considered when constructing & designing buildings for the spiritually sensitive. The term “Feng Shui” originated from popular Chinese culture and has since expanded its reach to the world. Feng Shui home décor is one of the best ways to bring peace and positivity into your home without compromising on style.

Which is why, we at My Pooja Box, offer you, our customers, the most unique and intricately designed Feng Shui home décor items available for sale, online in India. Our collection is home to all types of Feng Shui décor ranging from Laughing Buddha’s to Feng Shui wind chimes and evil eye bracelets. Each one of our different Feng Shui décor items bring with them, their own kind of energies. Some fight off negativity, while others bring a sense of calm to your interior space. Not only that, these products are not just called “Feng Shui” for names sake. Here, at My Pooja Box, our goal was to create authentic Feng Shui home décor that influences one’s personal mindset & space as well as interior beauty. To achieve this, a serious amount of research was done to make sure our products meet the exact laws of the age-old Chinese form of “Feng Shui”.

Once the authentic side is dealt with, the next focus was on outright beauty ofcourse. Afterall, we are making items for ‘Home Décor’. We at My Pooja Box don’t settle for anything less than the best, which is why our products are finished with a huge emphasis given to authentic detailing, ensuring the product is not only authentic, but also stunning to look at. Our products are distinctive by way of outright material quality and design ensuring your interior space looks like it belongs to royalty.

Some of our broad categories within Feng Shui are listed below:


Feng Shui Evil Eye Bracelets:

My Pooja Box has curated a collection of purposefully crafted Feng Shui charm bracelets for attracting wealth and health along with rose quartz bracelets and evil eye pendants. These evil eye pendants and rose quartz bracelets can be worn 24X7 if you please, thus offering you protection from all things evil at all times.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes:

Our Feng Shui wind chimes come in multiple different styles for you to choose from. These styles range from simplistic to intricate designs to ensure there is something for everyone. One can find our Feng Shui wind chimes in the shape of both pipes and bells that further come with idol depictions of the most famous deities & mythical creatures like Ganesha, Buddha, Feng Shui dragons etc.

Feng Shui Evil Eye Wall Hanging:

Our collection of Feng Shui evil eyes comes in various different styles. Some are kept simple while others come with added design elements such as crystal balls that not only add to the function of Feng Shui by increasing positive energy but also create a stunning work of art to add to your wall hangings.

Feng Shui Idols:

Our Feng Shui line up come dedicated to many Idols to ensure there is something for everyone. Our line-up of Feng Shui decorations is not just limited to the usual Laughing Buddhas, Fortune Frogs and Golden Arowana Fish. We like to keep a little something for everyone! So, if you are looking for Feng Shui idols but also are an avid follower of Lord Ganesha, then look no further! We have that too!

Feng Shui healing crystal Bracelets Gifts

Feng Shui is a set of laws that focuses on the orientation of the flow of energy and its favourable and unfavourable effects. Feng shui elements are bound to the 5 elements of nature and are considered important aspects of human life. The impact of Feng shui items has led to the exponential demand for Feng Shui gifts, home decor, etc.

If you are attending a special event of a friend or family member or you are growing a special party for your dear ones, you might be looking for exquisite gifts and decor items. Well, do not worry. My Pooja Box has you covered. My Pooja Box is a leading online store for all types of decor items, personal accessories, rakhi gifts, Diwali gifts, wedding gifts, and everything else in one place.

Here are some amazing Feng Shui gift items you can pick to express your love, care, and happiness towards your friends, and family.

Crystal Healing Bracelets: The healing crystals are embedded into rings, pendants, or are available in the form of bracelets and wellness tools like facial massage rollers. These bracelets are made from the finest healing stones with special properties that heal most of the human concerns.

Rose quartz bracelets: Irrespective of whether you are gifting men or women, you should definitely check out his gorgeous bracelets. Bracelets are trendy accessories for both men and women. Also, bracelets made of natural healing crystals are always thought gifts. This bracelet made of Rose Quartz looks absolutely beautiful.

The healing properties of Rose Quartz; a stone of universal love has some amazing properties such as it restores trust and harmony in your relationships, and encourages unconditional love.

Pick this beautiful and beneficial Rose Quartz Crystal Healing bracelet as diwali gifts and fill the life of your loved one with love, positivity, and harmony.

Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet: This gorgeous and unique healing crystal bracelet is made from original Citrine crystals of soothing yellow hue. This bracelet has the ability to benefit all of your chakras and has great healing properties such as it works on solar plexus chakra & all types of digestive problems, strengthens the willpower in life.

The bracelet also helps clean blocked old emotions, heals anxiety and is also beneficial in overcoming any kind of depression. This Citrine crystal bracelet acts as an attractor of wealth and also brings business luck, thus making it one of the best rakhi gifts you can give.

Kunzite Stone of Emotion Bracelet: Kunzite is a beautiful, soft and delicate crystal, which is pure in energy as well as joyful in nature. It is known as the Stone of Emotions. This beautiful Crystal Healing Bracelets is helpful in opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two. Kunzite stone bracelets encourage one to release the walls built for protection around the heart and helps to be always receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love. This is also one of the very thoughtful wedding gifts you can pick.

You can also check out Feng Shui Bands, Feng Shui Evil Eye Bracelets, Healing Bands, Chakra Bands, Energy Bands, Feng Shui Wind Chimes, Feng Shui Evil Eye Wall Hanging, and many other exquisite items available at our store.

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