7 Feng Shui Tips for Decorating your Home & Reaping Benefits

7 Feng Shui Tips for Decorating your Home & Reaping Benefits

Every home says something. It speaks volumes about the people living in it. Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra tips for home are prevalent. We all apply certain methods to create positive energy around and attract wealth. Sometimes, we bring home vastu and yantra to correct the surroundings of our home. 

Peace of mind, positivity, and prosperity are associated with feng shui. That’s the reason, people count on feng shui tips to gain profits and correct Vastu dosha.

Here are a few vastu tips to transform your home and improve your health, attract harmony and strengthen your relationships.

Open up blocked spaces in your home for good Chi

feng shui tips for home


In terms of feng shui, the more open a place is, the more positive and good energy it will attract. Open space provides breathability. It allows good chi to flow abundantly. Hence, it’s important that you avoid stuffing your abode with unnecessary objects.

Keep your place clean and ensure keeping the entrance open. Do not place heavy objects in front of the door.

De-clutter your home with feng shui

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 A messy house with objects lying here and there is sore to the eyes, isn’t it? It showcases complications and creates hurdles in one’s life.

However, vast tips for home advocate de-cluttering your space for all good reasons. To proceed with de-cluttering your house, identify the nature of the clutter first. Keep unnecessary items in a box.

The items that are of no use, place them in arrangements, for example, toys. Put them on display. Keep the shoes in a shoe-rack rather throwing them here and there.

Do not toss your clothes on chairs. Instead, keep them in the cupboard. Hang it in the hanger to avoid cluttering.

Don’t let your bedsheets wrinkle or crease. Make your bed to keep it neat and tidy. These tiny details play a vital role in inviting good chi.

Invest in golden decorative items

golden decorative

In Vastu Shastra or feng shui, colour coordination is truly significant. Gold is the colour of wealth. It’s not a rocket science to see why feng shui symbols and statues signifying wealth are of this shade! This is also said to be auspicious for living spaces.

Hence, bring home golden feng shui turtle or Arowana fish, elephant or laughing Buddha. Do not go on a shopping spree to buy anything in the golden shade. Instead, invest thoughtfully in essential home decor items.

Bring nature to your home with feng shui plants

feng shui plants

There is nothing that showcases abundance as much as nature. So turning your surroundings natural will attract the same energy the Mother nature does have. Decorate your home with lush feng shui plants. Let lucky bamboo plants and money plants find a space in your abode.

Keep these plants in the east, south and south-east direction of your home.

Bring home crystal items

home crystal

Crystals, in feng shui terms, hold greater significance. These are the best source of good energy. Invest in good feng shui crystal items such as tortoise, balls, and others. Placing these items in your living space opens up new opportunities. They bring prosperity and purify the atmosphere in your home by sucking up bad energy.

Combine the 5 basic feng shui elements

feng shui elements

Want to create balance in your home? Need the flow of vibrant energy all around? Add basic feng shui elements in your abode. For prosperity, introduce wood and water elements in your home’s south-east direction. For good health, put lush plants in the east direction.

Change the direction of your furniture


The direction of furniture has a greater impact in feng shui home decorating rules. If your couch is in the opposite direction of your door then it may impact your well-being. However, if it faces the door, then it will keep you at rest. Don’t put the desks closer to the walls. Instead, move them away from it a bit. Placing them at the centre would be great though.

There are hundreds of rules, but we have picked the simple and best ones for you. Follow any of above-suggested feng shui tips and garner prosperity.

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