5 Ways to Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali

5 Ways to Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali

Diwali is an auspicious festival that brings good luck to everyone. Diyas are lit with much enthusiasm not only lighting up the environment but also shedding the darkness over the ignorance by the people for the environment. We need to understand that we are moving away from the real essence of this festival of lights. Diwali is slowly and surely turning into an environmental problem all over the world especially India, due to the carelessness of the people celebrating this festival. 

High time for people to understand and recognize the predicament and find eco-friendly Diwali solutions for a healthy environment. It is hence our responsibility to keep up the "eco-friendly Diwali" theme all over the world and uphold a safe and secure environment for ourselves. Let's do our bit for the society, this Diwali by celebrating it in an eco-friendly way.

While contributing your share for the society, don't forget to encourage your family, friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances as well to celebrate a safe and eco-friendly Diwali this year. People need to understand the significance and primary duty towards society along with the traditional Diwali celebrations.

The celebration gradually is turning into an issue for the condition all over India because of the lack of regard and recklessness of the general individuals around.

The festival is step by step transforming into an environmental issue all over the world and specifically India because of the absence of respect and carelessness of the people around.

Here is a list of various ways by which you can help celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this season:

1. Gift plants

Instead of gifting fancy gift items, gift plants to your friends and family this time. Plants are beneficial as they not only provide fresh air but also enhance the beauty of one's home décor.

gift eco friendly plants on diwali

2. Eco-friendly idols and decorations

It starts at your home. Use organic colors in Rangoli instead of the chemical ones available in the market. You can use home ingredients in Rangoli for different colors, like Haldi for yellow, coffee powder for brown, and flour for white. To enhance the look, replace plastic flowers with natural ones. Upcycle your home decorations with existing colorful dupattas and sarees instead of plastic ribbons. Replace inorganic incense sticks with the scent of fresh flowers.

Following the same spirit, My Pooja Box has now introduced eco-friendly Ganesh Laxmi idols for Diwali with flower seeds in them once they are immersed in a pot at home itself.

Eco-friendly ganesh lakshmi idols and decorations

3. Cut down on crackers with other alternatives

Air pollution has been a major issue in recent years for our mother earth. With the increased number of crackers being burst every year, it must now come to an end. People feel incomplete without bursting crackers on Diwali, therefore, you can buy eco-friendly crackers instead of chemical crackers to keep your environment in a better position as well as get the satisfaction with the sound of bursting crackers. These eco-friendly crackers are made up of recycled papers, hence making them environmental and health-friendly.

Cut down on crackers with other alternatives

4. Go organic this Diwali

As the gifting tradition is an important part of Diwali, start gifting organic products to your family and friends spreading awareness about the eco-friendly Diwali move. There are various organic products available in the market like organic soaps and cosmetics, tea, coffee, eatables like ice cream, accessories like bags and decorative items. Clothes are also available with organic fabrics now. These gift items not only express your love and affection towards relatives but also love and care for the environment. While distributing sweets, make it habit to serve it in reusable containers or paper bags. Avoid plastics in every way possible to keep your neighborhood clean.

Go organic this Diwali

5. Organize eco-friendly events

A number of events take place on this auspicious festival. Dance, music, and food festivals are organized for people to enjoy. This Diwali, take an initiative to organize an event with all your neighborhood senior citizens, adults, and children for various healthy competitions like Rangoli competition, flower arrangements designs and decorations with natural flowers, sweet making, creative paper lanterns for the kids, and much more. Arrange musical programs, puppet shows, talent shows, and cultural events to engage everyone in various activities while educating them with the eco-friendly Diwali idea. Such events make people of all age groups happy and content while diverting their minds from the idea of bursting crackers by replacing it with music. This not only gives pleasure but also saves money for everyone.

Organize eco-friendly events on diwali

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