5 Steps My Pooja Box has Taken to Celebrate World Environment Day

World Environment Day

This one is dedicated to Mother Nature! Is one day of environmental celebration really enough? It should be a more routine task. On June 5, however, we can surely pledge to make the world a better place! Today, let's strive to make simply one change. And just one change will inspire you to continue contributing to positive environmental change.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the trees and plants we eat make up our environment. Climate change is accelerating at an alarming pace; there is no time to waste. World Environment Day is an excellent way to raise awareness. It also encourages conversation between individuals, sectors, and countries by providing educational opportunities.

World Environment Day is more critical today than it has ever been before. The terrible part is that its significance will only grow with time. All are owing to the globalization of technology, development, and industrialization. However, with globalization in full swing, poor countries' environments worsen.

With all that said, we must make a concerted effort to treat every day as World Environment Day. With that in mind, let's look at five of our environmental projects.

Eco-Friendly Ganesha:

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Plant-a-Ganesha is an eco-friendly initiative to make the environment cleaner and greener. The idols are handcrafted by skillful artisans and are made of 100 percent soil that dissolves in water without releasing any harmful toxins. The package also contains a small plant seeds bag, apart from the idol. On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, users can place the idol in a bucket and water it. The seeds can be planted and watered with water from Visarjan. In a few weeks, a plant will bloom and “spread the auspicious energy of the festival.”

Eco-friendly Rakhi:

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Let us tighten the bond with Mother Nature this festive season by choosing plantable Rakhi. Causing zero harm to nature, this Rakhi with Tulsi seeds contributes a huge part by growing plants and letting our generation breathe fresh and pure air. This fantastic product launched to contribute to a happier and healthier environment is a perfect Rakhi that you can try your hands on. Unwrapping this box introduces you to a plantable Rakhi, coconut husk planter, a disk of cocopeat, Roli & Chawal packed in cork capsules, a mini plantable pencil, and a reusable, recycled box.

Eco-friendly Diwali Diyas:

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It’s said that the old ways of life are more sustainable, and we agree. Diyas are smoke-free and keep one away from pollution. The oil-burning also helps kill bacteria and germs in the air and helps purify. Thus, if you have the time this Diwali, do put in the effort and light up your Diyas bright!

Eco-friendly packaging:

At My Pooja Box, we continuously innovate towards sustainability, curating a host of eco-friendly packaging made from paper and cardboard. All our packaging is 100% handmade, reusable, and the perfect natural substitute for plastic. They are lightweight, durable, and also fully biodegradable. Plus, we use no chemicals or pesticides in our packaging.

Promoting Indian rural artisanship

India’s handcrafted heritage has continually drawn inspiration from the environment. Traditional craftwork techniques have been deep-seated in up-cycling, material optimization, and waste minimization, developed by indigenous craftsmen many millennia ago. My Pooja Box believes that we as a community must give it back to the hands that make these creative and artistic products. As a means to this end, My Pooja Box strives to connect buyers worldwide to the best quality products crafted exquisitely by creative master artisans.


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