15 Amazing Showpiece Gift Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss!

Showpiece Gift Ideas

Bought a new house? Well, why not groom-up every corner of your house with the unique home decor. Browse these 15 amazing Showpiece Gifts online reflecting the epitome of lavishness & delicacy, making your heartbeat go mad with its beauty.

1. Adorable Musical T-light Ganesha Set of 3:

Perfect to gift your loved ones on housewarming or festivals, this showpiece with faultless design & detailing is sure to light up your living room.

Adorable Musical T-light Ganesha Set of 3

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2. Himalayan Salt Lamp in Buddha Design Metal Basket:

Enveloped with the skillfully crafted Buddha in a meditating position on the metal basket accelerates your health in every way.

3. Amai Peacock Wall Decor T-light Holder:

This is another T-light Holder from Showpiece Gifts online available exhibiting exquisite artwork with trinket bells that appears like the spread-out feathers of the peacock.

Amai Peacock Wall Decor T-light Holder

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4. Glimmer Wall Decor T-Light Holder:

Featuring 6 gorgeous square-shaped pieces made from iron & painted in alluring shades of rich gold, silver & red, this decor holding candles is quite welcoming to your guests.

Glimmer Wall Decor T-Light Holder

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5. Traditional Chandbali Hanging T-light Holder Large:

Showcasing the classic touch of Indian art, the traditional T-light Holder beautified with royal pearls enhances your decor & serves a great gifting option.

Traditional Chandbali Hanging T-light Holder Large

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6. Russet Copper Vase:

One of the most simple but elegant showpieces is the Russet Copper Vase handcrafted in splendor, complimenting the pretty flowers when placed in it.

7. Beautiful Brown Radha Krishna Statue In Sitting Position:

Signifying true and pure love, this Radha-Krishna statue made of polyresin is an ideal gifting option to the newly wedded couple or on the anniversary as well.

Beautiful Brown Radha Krishna Statue In Sitting Position

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8. Captivating Leafy Brass Finished Urli/Floater:

Made in iron with embossed pattern, this Urli sparkling in beauty is more of an open Lotus allured with the brass finish. Make every festive celebration or an occasion special to be remembered for the coming years.

Captivating Brass Petal Urli/Floater

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9. Hand-Painted Elephant Wall Hanging Decoration:

Truly attention-grabbing, this hand-painted wall hanging loved features attractive designs & vibrant colors threaded with delicate beads that enhance the spirit of celebration and joy.

Hand Painted Elephant Wall Hanging Decoration

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10. Red Toran:

Occupying a great significance in the Indian tradition, this red Toran made with orange & pink pompoms, & bells shape your doorway with elegance & beauty.

11. Antique Brass Bullock cart:

Another artwork from Showpiece Gifts online presented by My Pooja Box is this bullock cart cast from the excellent quality material with detailed designing, gives a rustic look to the interiors of your abode.

Antique Brass Bullock cart

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12. Beautiful Blue Bal Gopal With Brown Matki:

Attending a baby shower? Well, there can be no other perfect gift than this adorable Krishna idol to surprise the ‘mummy-to-be’.

13. Hanging Bird Cage T-light Holder:

This jaw-dropping piece of art made to perfection is handcrafted to a beautiful showpiece that is ideal to fit in balconies or bedrooms.

Hanging Bird Cage T-light Holder

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14. Ravishing Colored Urli Set of 2:

Available in 3 different colors, this attractive Urli set with a lights-up any corner of the house when accompanied by lovely flowers & candles.

15. Tibetan Singing Musical Bowl Black:

This musical bowl used by Tibetans in any rituals creates a soothing sound calming your mind, & your soul happy & healthy.


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