Tamra Collection

Tamra Collection

Shop Copper Utensils, Copper Jugs & Copper Diya’s online!

Tamra, more commonly known as copper, is easily one of the most beautiful metals for home décor items. Its appeal isn’t just limited to the vibrance of the metal itself but also extends onto the various properties of copper that make it stand out from the rest.

For instance, did you know copper is an essential alloy that is found in almost all of your precious metals? This includes bronze, silver, aluminum & gold too! However, that’s not what excites us. What does get us going is the fact that copper is not only an elegant metal that carries a vibe of royalty, but it also has many health benefits that other materials or metals do not possess. Has anyone ever told you about the benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel? That’s because copper actually helps purify the water you drink!

These copper health benefits coupled with the sheer strength & resistance to corrosion that copper offers, ensures copper is one of the most desirable metals for utensils, home décor as well as pooja items. Listed below are the details of various copper/tamba offerings in our collection. All of which can be used as home décor too! Further highlighting the versatility of copper products.

• Copper Diya’s, T-light Stands & Pooja Items

Our Taamba collection consists of some of the most elegant copper diya’s you can find online. Available in different designs that range from simplistic to unique, our online collection of copper diya’s is sure to have something for everyone. Our Copper diya’s or T-light stands are sure to make your living space or mandir look like they belong to the royals of ancient India! The glow emitted from these copper diya’s is warm & offers a feeling of comfort like no other. Making it a perfect addition for your home.

Further highlighting the diversity of our “Tamra collection”, our copper pooja items make for stunning additions into your pooja room or mandir. The Tamra urli & Tamba Divinity Platter make the perfect trays for housing all your pooja essentials. Be it idols of god or other essentials like ghee, agarbatti stands, prasad and more!

• Copper Utensils

A large portion of our collection consists of copper utensils that include copper jugs, copper vessels, copper plates, copper drinking glasses and more! As stated at the start, copper has multiple health benefits. These health benefits come as a result of copper being antimicrobial, meaning copper utensils, glasses & other copper products have the ability to rapidly kill bacteria, viruses & fungi that end up settling on the surface. This is why drinking water in a copper vessel is considered really good for your health.

Afterall, we live in a modern world that has more carbon monoxide than oxygen! It’s up to us now to do the best we can for our health as well as the health of our close friends & family. Thanks to copper décor, utensils and more, we can do this all-in style!

So, go on & shop from our collection of copper utensils, jugs, diya’s etc. and bring home health & style!

Possessing a huge number of benefits, Tamra or copper is one of the most versatile metals used for over 11,000 years in cooking, serving, or be it even religious rituals.

Drinking water from the Copper Water Bottles or the Doria Terracopper Tumbler Set of 2 available at MyPoojaBox detoxifies your body. So if you are looking for ideal home decor gifts for the housewarming ceremony of your beloved brother, you can give him an exclusive gift like the Luxe Silverware Dinner set, Nesting Copper Bowl.

With no worries, send gifts online to your near and dear ones on special occasions like birthdays, retirement functions, etc that would not only serve amazing home decor gifts but also contribute to maintaining good health.

Apart from utensils, our Tamra collection comprises Exquisite Teal Appeal Medium, Divinity Pooja Platter Brass, Handcrafted Copper Havan Kund for Pooja Ceremony, Traditional Copper Achmani for Pooja, Dawnlight Manara Candle Holder, etc.

Browse the outstanding handcrafted Tamra T-light stands, designer Diyas, bottles, utensils, and much more on MyPoojaBox and send gifts online to any corner of the world with zero hassles in payment. Hurry up, fill-up your home with good health and uniqueness.

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