Why Do People Wear the Evil Eye? Benefits Of Evil Eye jewelry

Benefits Of Evil Eye jewelry

A universal symbol of protection believed to nullify the strong effects of curses or negative energies cast on you, Evil Eye is basically a “reflector of harm”. Evil Eye is generally referred to as ‘Mati’ in Greek which appears in different colors and in the form of jewelry, talismans, bracelets, pendants, rings, and other modern jewelry.

Suiting almost every type of outfit, this endless style of unisex jewelry looks great and is becoming quite trendy and fashionable in the last few decades. Possessing deep spiritual and religious importance, Evil Eye benefits and showcases its impact in the lives of a larger population of the world. Often used in cars, houses, offices, or as a piece of jewelry, the Evil Eye amulet which is also known as the “apotropaic amulet” drives away evil forces.

Peeping back into the History

Being originated back in the Upper Paleolithic age, the evil eye symbol was first recorded by the Mesopotamians. Widely used in every religion, i.e; Hindu, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and others, the belief in the Evil Eye is since ancient Rome and Greece which is about 3000 years back.

The blue eye which comes in the form of Hamsa hand jewelry was found in the Middle East and was embraced by Muslims, Jews, and Christians. The word Hamsa also spelled as ‘Hamesh’ or ‘Khamsa’ literally refers to five fingers of the hand. This apotropaic hand-shaped amulet shaped like the palm of the hand is called Hand of Miriam in Jewish culture and is called as the Hand of Fatima in Muslim culture.

Color of the Evil Eye and its meaning

Everyone has their own taste for color, selection of jewelry, and pattern. But when it comes to styling the Evil Eye to jewelry to reap its benefits, one needs to understand what every color symbolizes. Deep blue is the most popular color in the Evil Eye jewelry in Greek and other cultures. Come, let us understand the spiritual meaning of every color.

Orange: Associated with creativity and happiness, this color is all about playfulness, protection, and motivation towards commitment.

Dark Blue: The dark blue color Evil Eye bracelet benefits open the flow of communication, protects the wearer from Karma and fate, and relaxes the wearer.

Light Blue: Offering protection, peace, and solitude, this color evil eye also aids you in broadening the perspective towards different things.

Pink: This is the color of friendship, relaxation, contentment, and a beautiful color that calms your feelings.

White: Said to be the color of purity, white evil eye symbolizes a fresh start in life, focus, goodness, and clearance of obstacles.

Light Green: Referring to good health, green color is also associated with enjoyment and success in achieving your dreams.

Purple: Wearing purple color Evil Eye pendant benefits you in re-balancing your life, decluttering obstacles, which also helps you boost your imagination.

Yellow or Gold: This is the color of the Sun which not only boosts concentration, focus, strength, and energy but also good health, thereby relieving oneself from exhaustion.

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● Grey: Helping you explore new opportunities, this color reduces your sorrows and also the intensity of different colors.

Red: Strengthening you to face anxieties and fears, this color of Fire and courage also increases the energy, and makes you enthusiastic.

Brown: Connected with Mother Nature, this brown color inclines you to convention, orderliness, and protects you from various elements.

Dark Green: This color that symbolizes greenery or liveliness, encourages you to pursue new ideas, a balance in life, gratitude and happiness.

● Shielding you from all the bad energies, the amulets, bracelet, pendant, or the rings made of any evil color also protects the objects at your home or office.

Benefits Of Evil Eye Jewelry

With its appealing qualities, the evil eye jewelry available in different colors is most commonly used for newborn babies to protect them from Nazar. Creating a protective talisman around the wearer, below are several benefits associated with Evil Eye.

Invites good luck - Evoking tranquility and serenity, the blue evil eye amulet, charm, or talisman is said to shower the user with happiness, good health, luck, prosperity, and bring peace. Driving off negative energies created by hatred, jealousy, and envy from your friends, neighbors, relatives, or any other person in your life.

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Shields you from danger - Not just protecting you from the dangers, the evil eye also avoids causing accidents, damage, or anything that causes misfortune to your car, house, etc. Be it a major or minor breakage or wrecking of an object, hanging an amulet in your car, in the living room, table desk, or as a paperweight in washes off negativity. It is also said to create a protective layer around the wearer and the object as well, letting it not damage due to insects, rotting of the wood, etc.

Helps you stay healthy and happy - Wearing an Evil Eye bracelet benefits you in enjoying a healthy life. Helping you heal quickly from depression, fatigue, insomnia, and even diarrhea, the evil eye brings overall well-being in your life. Add an evil eye to any plain hoop earrings, watchband or keep it in your purse or wallet.

Possesses good vibes - Decorate the entrance of your home or office with Evil Eye amulet, wind chime, or as a wall hanging and welcome positive vibes. Radiating good vibes, the blue or the light blue color evil eye possesses good karma and protects against the evil eye.

Wrapping up

A good number of people of different cultures believe that using the evil eye invites bad luck, accidents, causes injuries, bad fortune. On the other hand, wearing an Evil Eye pendant benefits the wearer in many ways and assists you in living a harmonious life with inner confidence and strength.

Perhaps wearing an evil eye as an amulet, or as just a fancy piece of jewelry without the consultation and right knowledge may cause some serious problems in the future. So, go for authentic evil eye products to witness Evil Eye benefits in the long run..!

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