11 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2018: Delight your Mom!

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2018: Delight your Mom!

We have been waiting for Mother’s Day (YEAH, 13, May 2018) and it’s finally here! Although we don’t need a day, but this is the best opportunity we’ve got to tell her, she’s our lifeforce with a unique Mother’s Day gift.

Nothing beats the charm of getting your mum a personalized Mother’s Day gift! We’ve scoured a collection of 2018 Mother’s Day gift ideas to warm her heart. Check it out here.

Pretty Table Lamp

Is you momma darling a connoisseur of dazzling light effects? Tell her, you love her with this pretty table lamp. As it’s a glass table lamp with crackled design, it will dazzle her room. Every mother loves some special home décor items. And, this lamp as a gift for mom is surely going to bring a smile on her face this Mother’s Day!

Handcrafted Brass Fumer

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Since the very beginning your mom has cared for your hair. That gentle massage and oiling, it was so calming and distressing, isn’t it? How about you taking care of her hair? This brass fumer is the best gift for Mother’s Day!

When the electronic dryer wasn’t popular, people were using fumers to dry their hair. It comes with a small chamber where burning coal or powder is kept. The little openings in the form of latticework makes it easier for the fragrant smoke to pass through.

There is a tong also to regulate the burning coal or powder. Gift it to your mom and she’d surely hug you for this unique token of love!

Sai Baba Statue

Sai Baba Statue for Mom

Is your mom an ardent follower of Sai Baba? Gift her this stunning Sai Baba figurine carved out of marble. The idol makes a unique gift idea for Mother’s Day. Moms who are religious by nature would definitely find it as a surprising token of love.

Antique Brass Aroma Diffuser

Gift for Mom

This Mother’s Day let your maa enjoy a refreshing environment! Get her this antique brass aroma diffuser that’s unique in every sense. It has a traditional flair with traditional design. Who wouldn’t want to have such antique pieces?

Earrings for Fashionista Mom

Gift for Fashionable Mom

When it comes to gifting, a mom doesn’t look at the price tag but the thought behind it. This strawberry pink earrings pair is sure to tickle her heart. The gorgeous tassel work around a big hoop is what adds to its beauty. When your mom would wear it, trust us, she’d look more gorgeous!

Antique Brass Pushpanjali

Last Minute Gift for Mom

Amid our Mother’s Day special, this gift idea truly stands out. Created from antique brass using basic handcrafted technique, this pushpanjali is perfect for holding fresh flowers. Imagine your mom plucking fresh flowers from the patio and preparing for regular puja!

Bhagvad Gita for Religious Mom

Religious Books for Mom

Does your mum love religious books? This Bhagvad Gita book is the best pick for Mother’s Day! Unlike regular religious books, it comes with metal detailing at the edges. The wooden case that it comes in makes it ideal for gifting purposes.
What’s more? The book has got a metal bookmark. The Sanskrit and English verses of Geeta make it even more appealing to a reader.

Guru Nanak Ji Marble Figurine

Mother's Day 2018

Still thinking what to buy for mom? Pick out this Guru Nanak Ji marble statue out of our Mother’s Day gift idea 2018! Available in a crisp white marble, this figurine is sure to dazzle your mom’s eyes with happiness!

Scented Pillar Candles for Mum

Mother's Day Gifts

What would be better than a little pampering in a relaxed setting for a working mom? Scented candles are known for their mood-relaxing effects. Give your mother a relaxed session as home with the fragrance of lavender. This set of four candles with lavender aroma makes a unique gift this Mother’s Day.

Multipurpose Incense Sticks Holder

Gifts for Mother

Do you find your mom struggling with incense sticks? Why not pick this Mother’s Day special multipurpose incense sticks holder! As it’s made of marble, it will long last. One can use it as dhoop holder and tea light holder as well.

Radha Krishna Modern Framed Painting

Mother's Day

Don’t bother as what to buy for mom. Let this painting be your last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea! Depicting Radha Krishna on a swing against a pastel background, this framed painting is sure to delight your mom.

So, why are you waiting then? Go pick any of the above-suggested Mother’s Day gift ideas and tell your mom that she’s special and that you care!

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